The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section


North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Business Meeting, April 26, 2008

College of St. Benedict

Collegeville, MN


President Tom Sibley, presiding

Secretaryís Report (Co Livingston)

Treasurerís Report (Randy Westhoff)

Governorís Report (Jennifer Galovich)

  • MAA presentation: Carriage House Ė our NCS brick is in the Red River of bricks! We are entering Cycle III of planning. This relates to STEM issues, sections, meetings and publications. Paul Zorn is heading the publications committee. Any input on this can go to him. Other input should go to Governor Galovich.
  • The 2008 MAA study tour is to Peru, 2009 to Egypt.
  • Mathfest is August 1-3, 2008 in Madison, WI.
  • Information officer (Shawn Chiappetta)

    President (Tom Sibley)

    Dot Drawing: Tom Sibley and David Appleyard won the raffle for an MAA book from the Dot Survey Raffle.

    25- and 50-year membership certificates were handed out. Applause for 50-year member Loren Larson, a speaker at this meeting.

    Student Chapters (Dick Jarvinen)

    Summer Seminar (Su Doree)

    Election Nominees:

    President elect: John Holte

    Treasurer: Randy Westhoff

    Student Chapter Coordinator: Peh Ng

    At Large Member: Namyong Lee

    Approved by acclamation.

    Meritorious Service Award

    Distinguished Teaching Award

    Submitted by Co Livingston

    NCS-MAA Secretary

    April  28, 2008

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