The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section


MAA North Central Section

Minutes of the Business Meeting

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Concordia College, Moorhead, MN


1.  Reports

Secretary:  Co Livingston.  There are 71 people at this meeting, 10 students.

Treasurer:  Randy Westhoff.  Distributed financial statement.

Information Officer:  Shawn Chiapetta.   Absent.

Student activities:  Peh Ng.   She is surveying students to see what they’d like.   Trying to have activities other than student speakers.  She encourages each school to bring at least two students to each meeting. 

 Section NExT:  Kris Nairn.    Two new Section NExT members at the Friday meeting, for a total of 5.   They are looking for spring topics.   Next year, temporary faculty will be eligible for participation.

Governor:  Jennifer Galovich.   MAA is continuing its work on strategic planning.   The financial health of the MAA was reviewed.  There are some challenges, but investments are sound and the MAA is in a strong cash position.

President: Su Doree.   Continuing to think about how our meetings can meet the interests of new people and regular attenders.

 2.  Announcements

NCS Team Contest:  Jerry Heuer.   The contest is on Saturday November 15.

Spring Section Meeting:  Hamline College in St. Paul, MN on April 24, 25.

Summer Seminar:  Jennifer Galovich.

ACTUALLY DOING IT!:  A Hands-On Approach to Computational Combinatorial Geometry

            Principal lecturer Professor Jesus De Loera, University of California, Davis

                        St.  John's University, Collegeville, MN, July 19-24, 2009.

 3.  Requests

 4.       Discussion Items

 5.      Other

Submitted by Co Livingston,

November 1, 2008


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