The Mathematical Association of America

North Central Section


North Central Section, Mathematical Association of America

Business Meeting, October 28, 2006

University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, Minnesota


  1. Secretary’s Report (Colleen Livingston)


The MAA sent information about three grant programs related to undergraduate research, undergraduate conferences and working with underrepresented groups.  These flyers are in the book room.

Attendance at this meeting is 54.


  1. Treasurer’s Report  (Randy Westhoff)


The balance sheet was distributed. 

Institutional memberships are being used to fund the section NExT.


Chairs of community colleges and universities are being sent bills for institutional memberships since most schools want an official bill anyway.  This might also increase our institutional memberships.  Such institutions are listed in the spring newsletter.


  1. Governor’s Report  (Dan Kemp)


There are 30 fulltime staff in D.C. and another 10 in Lincoln to run math contests.  Our section is well represented at the national level.  Joe Gallian (UMD) is MAA president-elect and Deanna Haunsperger (Carleton) is MAA 2nd vice-president.


2007 is the 300th birthday of Euler.  Celebrations are being held at the national level.  See the MAA website.  The MAA summer tour will include St. Petersburg.  Thereis an Euler Book Prize.


The Carriage House has been remodeled and is ready for an official inauguration in April.


The Journals continue to seek outstanding papers and are in need of reviewers.

Buy MAA books.


  1. NCS-MAA Section Project NExT (Mike Hvidsten)


This year the group had a workshop on grant writing.  There were 8 new people this year.  New faculty to the section can find an application on the section website.  Participation would start next spring.   The section NExT is grateful for the contribution from the section to fund this program.


  1. NCS-MAA Problem Solving Contest (Jerry Heuer)


This contest is in its 10th year.  It will be held on November 11, 2006.  There are about 30 schools sending teams and about 70 teams.  A few Canadian teams participate.  High school teams aren’t encouraged but are allowed to participate unofficially.  There are about 8-10 problem solving contests nationally.  Dan Kemp, Governor, pointed out that the MAA book about problem solving is in the bookstore and we might want to buy it before leaving the meeting today.  Jerry expressed gratitude to those who help him with the contest.


  1. MAA Student Chapters (Richard Jarvinen, report submitted in absentia, read by Steve Kennedy)


MAA student chapters began in January 1989.  Please consider starting a student chapter.  See the MAA website.  Current chapters are also encouraged to review the requirements on the website.   Our section has 14 active student chapters.


  1. Future Meetings (Steve Kennedy)


The Spring 2007 meetings will be at St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, April 13, 14.    The Fall 2007 meetings will be at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, MN.  The date is to be announced.


  1. Awards (Steve Kennedy)


The deadline for submission of nominations for the Section Distinguished Teaching and Meritorious Service Awards is February 1.  Nominations are encouraged.  The committees are

Teaching:  Sue Doree, Ivy Knoshaug, Keith Agre

Service:  Gail Nelson, Donna Flint, Eric Lund, Steve Leonhardi.


  1. Gratitude (Steve Kennedy)


Michael O’Reilly was the local organizer of this meeting.  Thanks to Michael and other faculty and students who helped this meeting run smoothly.


  1.   Section Banner (Steve Kennedy)


The banner is lost.  Again.  Su Doree said she’d make a new one if the old one is not found.  We need the banner for the parade in D.C. celebrating the MAA Centennial in 2015.


  1. Summer Seminar (Steve Kennedy)


The summer seminar will be held at Carleton on July 16-20, 2007.  Jonathan Borwein of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia will lead the seminar. The topic is “Experimental Mathematics.”  Registration will probably begin in January.


  1.  (Jennifer Galovich)


Kris Nairn, St. Benedict’s, will organize the April 20, 21, 2007  to be held at St. John’s in Collegeville, MN.  Carlos Castillo Chavez will be the main presenter.  He is a mathematical epidemiologist at Arizona State University.  See the  website.


  1.  Newsletter (Jason Douma)


Jason regularly collects campus reports for the newsletter.  Please send in a short report.  Some campuses may want to recruit a new campus liaison if the previous liaison has left or is inactive.



Respectfully submitted,

C. Livingston

NCS-MAA Secretary

October 29, 2006







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