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North Central Section MAA

Business Meeting Minutes, October 30, 2004

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

President Jennifer Galovich presided. 

Wally Sizer gave the secretary’s report.  He indicated that the by-laws revisions voted at last spring’s business meeting are still awaiting final approval by the national committee on sections.  He encouraged people to consider nominating candidates for the distinguished teaching and meritorious service awards, and to watch the web site for deadlines and procedures for doing so.  Attendance at this fall’s meeting was about 65.  On behalf of the section Wally expressed our thanks to Bill Martin of NDSU and his helpers for their efforts in organizing the meeting and seeing that the many details were all taken care of.


Tom Sibley distributed the treasurer’s report.  Basically the section finances are in good shape.  He noted there are thirteen institutional section members.


Jason Douma reported as information officer.  He thanked all those who had sent in newsletter announcements and encouraged people to send in announcements for future newsletters.  He urged members to check the web site periodically, as new postings are put up on a continuing basis.


Dan Kemp presented the governor’s report.  The national finances are in good shape, and they want qualified people to serve on the Investment Committee to help keep the financial picture sound.  The MAA centennial comes in 2015, and the national office is already thinking about how to observe the occasion.  The Secretary, Martha Siegel, and the Executive Director, Tina Strayley, are both continuing for a second 5-year term, providing continuity in leadership.  Membership can now be renewed on-line.  The College Mathematics Journal is looking for new reviewers.  Institutions are encouraged to consider national institutional memberships, which can carry benefits for student members.  Section members are encouraged to check out MAA Online periodically for new postings.  Future national meetings are in Atlanta, January 5-8, 2005, and in Albuquerque, August 4-6, 2005.


Gerry Bergum announced that there will be a vacancy on the Competitions Committee next year, and encouraged any members who might be interested in serving in that way to let Dan Kemp know.


Jennifer Galovich encouraged section institutions to set up student chapters if they don’t already have them.  Having a student chapter is not expensive or difficult and carries benefits for the students.


The Spring 2005 section meeting will be at St. Olaf College on April 22-23.  Arrangements are pending for Fall 2005, but for meetings after that we would welcome any institutions to volunteer to host.  (If your institution wants to host a meeting, contact Jennifer Galovich). 


Also, while there is a nominations committee to draw up a slate of officers to be voted on at the spring meeting, volunteers are welcome and would make the nominating committee’s job easier.  This spring we will be electing a president-elect, a treasurer, a member-at-large, and a student chapters coordinator.  Volunteers should contact Jennifer Galovich.


The section summer seminar will be at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, from July 18 to July 22, 2005.  The topic is Bioinformatics.  The principal lecturer will be Laurie Heyer from Davidson College; she will have a biologist to help interpret the biological terms and concepts.  Some financial assistance will be available to section untenured faculty (check the section web site for details as they become available).


The Pi Mu Epsilon conference will be at St. John’s April 15-16, 2005, and will feature Jennifer Quinn as speaker.


Thanks were again extended to Bill Martin, Warren Shreve, and others at NDSU who helped make this meeting run smoothly.




Wally Sizer

Section secretary


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