Fall 2012 Meeting

October 19-20, 2012
University of Minnesota - Duluth
Duluth, Minnesota
Contact: Joe Gallian

The Fall 2012 meeting of the North Central Section of the Mathematical Association of America will be held October 19-20, 2012 at University of Minnesota-Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota.

The program for the fall meeting will be available a week or two prior to the meeting.

The MAA-NCS Section NExT will meet immediately preceeding the conference during a Friday afternoon session open to everyone. To find out more about MAA-NCS Section NExT activities click here.

Other information including the invited speakers, lodging, lunch and directions will be posted as it becomes available.


The program for the fall meeting is available here.

Invited Speakers

Polynomials, Ellipses, & Matrices: Three Questions, One Answer

Beth Skubak

University of Wisconsin

Abstract: Given two points a, b in the unit disk, when is there a cubic polynomial with roots on the circle with a, b as critical points? I'll describe the connection between this question and two others, one geometric and another concerning matrices, and give the one concise answer for all three questions. The result and its proof extend very naturally to any finite number of points by using a specific type of rational function, called a finite Blaschke product, both as a proof tool and as a link between the three scenarios. This work was the culmination of an undergraduate research project and honors thesis at Bucknell University under Professor Pamela Gorkin.

Getting Undergraduates Involved in Research

Joseph A. Gallian

University of Minnesota Duluth

Abstract: Although involving undergraduates in research has been a long standing practice in the experimental sciences, it has only been fairly recently that undergraduates have been involved in research in mathematics in significant numbers. In this talk I discuss in general terms such things as how faculty can get started in involving undergraduates in research, the benefits of undergraduate research to faculty and students, how to find suitable research problems, and what is considered to be undergraduate research.


Lunch Details (Saturday, October 20th)

Campus Map and Parking


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