Guide for Host Institutions in Preparation
for North Central Section Meetings

(revised May 2009)

Previous Host Institutions in the Section (1975-present)

Local Arrangements Committee

There is much planning necessary for the successful operation of a section meeting. A local arrangements committee should be formed as early as possible and there should be a division of the responsibilities (indicated in the following paragraphs) among the members of the committee. The chair of the committee will coordinate the work of the members of the committee and handle correspondence with the Section Secretary. The involvement of students can be valuable for them as well as for the Section.

MAA Book Display and Sale


The host institution should designate a faculty or student to be responsible for taking a several digital photographs during the meeting. This collection of photographs should provide some reflection of the people and activities that were part of the section meeting. (Think in terms of a representative sample, not a census.)

Shortly after the meeting, these photographs should be forwarded electronically to the North Central Section Information Officer, so that these images may be shared publicly on the section website.


To quote from a letter from Alfred Willcox, "Publicity is something that mathematicians have too long neglected. Section meetings ought to generate at least some local publicity, and we have learned that even national meetings do not generate publicity unless someone takes vigorous steps to inform the media."

Notify the newspaper, radio and TV stations, and campus media of the meeting and program at least a week prior to the meeting. After the meeting, send an article in layperson's terms describing the meetings and the topics discussed to the media contacted earlier.


If there are to be exhibits, the Section Secretary will send invitations to publishers or other groups. If exhibitors are contacted, check with the Section Secretary as to registration fees. Space near the registration area and meeting room should be provided.

Principal Speaker

The invited speaker for the Saturday morning session is usually from outside the section.


By the dates indicated above, the following should be sent to the Secretary of the Section:

Physical Arrangements

A room that will seat 100-150 persons, two small rooms suitable for a second contributed paper session (if there are a large number of such papers), an area that can be secured for the MAA book sale, and a room or foyer for registration and refreshments are required. These rooms should be reserved as much in advance as is necessary to obtain the best possible facility. Do so as early as possible.

The lecture rooms should be selected on the criteria of size, comfort, ease of location, availability of white boards, computer access, audiovisual equipment, adequate lighting, air conditioning and public address system. Markers and erasers should be provided.  Speakers will have the ability to request special needs via the submission form and will notify the local arrangements chair of any additional requests of the speakers.


Maps and Signs

By the dates indicated above, provide (web links containing) an area map showing hotel/locations and the meeting site, and a campus map showing the meeting location, parking and luncheon site.


Reception/Refreshments/Luncheon/Officers' Meeting

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