Nominations for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Award

***Deadline: February 15, 2019***

We urge you to submit a nomination for the North Central Section Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Award. We know that there are excellent teachers in the NCS but we need your help to nominate these people for the recognition they deserve. Even if the nominee is not selected this year, it is an honor for the individual to be nominated for this award, and the same person can be nominated again another year.

Please bring this announcement to the attention of colleagues in your departments. Self-nomination is not allowed, but anyone else may make a nomination. Eligibility and guidelines are listed below. The nomination form may be downloaded (here).

Nominations for the MAA-NCS Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics are due at a date which is determined each year at the fall section meeting. The Selection Committee will determine the recipient of the award from those nominated, and the awardee will be honored at the spring section meeting.


Nominees must:


Application packets should demonstrate the nominee’s excellence in at least two of the following categories:

* "teaching" is to be interpreted in its broadest sense, not necessarily limited to classroom teaching. It may include activities such as preparing students for mathematical competitions at the college level, attracting students to become majors in a mathematical science or to go on to graduate school in mathematics, working with pre-service or in-service teachers, etc.

** "influence beyond . . . " can take many forms, including demonstrated lasting impact on alumni, influence on the profession through curricular revisions in college mathematics with wide-ranging impact influential publications or innovative books concerned with the teaching of college mathematics, etc.


Nominations must be submitted on the "Nomination Form" (which can be downloaded (here) to the streamlined application). Please follow the instructions on that form to assure uniformity in the selection process.

(2018-2019 Submission Information) Completed packets can be send electronically to the chair of the committee, Namyong Lee, via email at Include MAA/NCS Teaching Award in the subject line.

Unsuccessful nominations will be retained for ONE year for consideration by the following year’s committee. After one year, nominators wishing to re-nominate a candidate should update the nomination packet and resubmit.


Each year, the section will nominate one person for the national MAA Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. This nomination will be chosen from the pool of previous winners of the Section Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Award. The nominator for that year’s Haimo Award nominee will be asked to work with the winner and the chair of the Selection committee for that year to prepare a complete application. More information about that process can be found here: The section nominee will be notified after the spring section meeting and the Haimo Award nomination packet is due March 1st the following year.

Avoiding Implicit Bias: Guidelines for MAA Selection Committees (August 2011) (pdf)

The selection committee for the Distinguished College or University Teaching Award is comprised of the Section's Past-President, Member-at-Large in their last term and the two most recent Award winners, other than the Past-President.

Section Teaching Awards

(started 1992)

2019 Aaron Wangberg Winona State University
2018 Barry Peratt Winona State University
2017 Cindy Kaus Metropolitan State University
2016 Matthew Haines Augsburg College
2015 None
2014 Dan Flath Macalester College
2013 Carmen Latterell University of MN - Duluth
2012 John Holte Gustavus Adolphus College
2011 Tom Halverson Macalester College
2010 Tim Peil Minnesota State University-Moorhead
2009 Danrun Huang St. Cloud State University
2008 Jason Douma University of Sioux Falls
2007 Karen Saxe Macalester College
2006 David Appleyard Carleton College
2005 Ivy Knoshaug Bemidji State University
2004 Suzanne Dorée Augsburg College
2003 Thomas Sibley St. John's University
2002 Robert Lacher South Dakota State University
2001 Ted Vessey St. Olaf College
2000 M. B. Rao North Dakota State University
1999 Ronald Rietz Gustavus Adolphus College
1998 Joan Hutchinson Macalester College
1997 Richard Jarvinen Winona State University
1996 None
1995 Clayton Knoshaug Bemidji State University
1994 Mark Krusemeyer Carleton College
1993 None
1992 Joe Gallian
(National Recipient)
University of Minnesota-Duluth

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