Program for TCNJ Meeting

Forcina Hall

Saturday, April 10, 1999


8:30-9:15             Registration & Coffee


8:30-1:00             Book Exhibits


9:15-9:30             Welcome by Siegfried Haenisch,
                            Acting Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, College of New Jersey


9:30-9:45           "Waring's Problem in Additive Number Theory"

                            Katarzyna Potocka, College of New Jersey (Student Speaker)

                            Presider: Tom Hagedorn, College of New Jersey


9:45-10:35           "Approximating the Shortest Common Superstring"

                            Elizabeth Sweedyk, DIMACS and Harvey Mudd College

                            Presider: Jerry Ianni, Laguardia Community College


10:35-11:15           Intermission


11:15-12:05           "Magic, Mystery, and Matrix"

                              Edward Witten, Institute for Advanced Study

                              Presider: Judith Schick-Lenk, Ocean County College


12:05-12:20           Presentation of the Distinguished Teaching Award


12:20-12:30           Remarks by Governor of MAA-NJ

                            Theresa C. Michnowicz, New Jersey City University


12:30-2:00             Lunch,  Brower Student Center,  Room 202

2:00-2:50               "Optimization in the Stock Market (Portfolio Selection)"

                              Walter Stromquist

                              Presider: Revathi Narasimhan, St. Peter's College

2:50-3:00              Intermission


3:00-4:00               Contributed Paper Sessions (in Holman Hall)

4:00-4:30               Drawing of Door Prizes and Announcement of Silent Auction Winners (Must be present to win)

5:00                       Dinner honoring invited speakers, see Announcements for details



Organizing Committee:

Lawrence D'Antonio, Ramapo College of New Jersey; Cathy Liebars, The College of New Jersey; Theresa C. Michnowicz, New Jersey City University; Revathi Narasimhan, St. Peter's College; Judith Lenk, Ocean County College


Program Committee:

Matthew Haines, Diana Thomas, New Jersey City University; Pablo Zafra, Kean University;


Hosting Committee

Carlos Alves, Cathy Liebars, The College of New Jersey; The College of New Jersey Math Club