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                The Mathematical Association of America
                      New Jersey Section

                        FALL MEETING
                Saturday, November 8, 1997

                   UPPER MONTCLAIR, NJ


                MAA-NJ 1997 FALL MEETING PROGRAM
                        NOVEMBER 8, 1997

8:30 - 9:15             Registration & Coffee,
                        Student Center Cafeteria

8:30 - 1:30             Book Exhibits

9:15 - 9:20             Welcome by Gregory L.Waters,                    
                        Interim President, Montclair State University

9:20 - 9:30             Remarks by  Chair of MAA-NJ, 
                        Kay Gura, Ramapo College of New Jersey

9:30- 10:20             "Webs, Sieves, and Money: Number Theory's       
                        Rubber Hits the One Way Road"
                        J. Kevin Colligan, National Security Agency
                        Presider:    William Parzynski
                                     Montclair State University
10:20 - 10:25           Remarks by  Governor of MAA-NJ,
                        Theresa C. Michnowicz, Jersey City State College

10:25 - 11:10           Intermission

11:10 - 12:00           "Modeling the Random Motion of the Term
                        Structure of Interest Rates"
                        David Heath, Carnegie Mellon University

                        Presider:  Walter Stromquist
                                   Wagner Associates

12:00 - 1:30            Lunch
                        Student Center Cafeteria

1:30 - 2:20             "Recent Results in Triangle Geometry"
                        Peter Yff, Ball State University

                        Presider:  Amy-Rabb Liu,
                                   Montclair State University

2:20 - 2:30             Intermission

2:30 - 3:20             "Bankruptcy Problems and a Modern Detective     
                        Joseph Malkevitch, York College- CUNY

                        Presider:  Andrew Demetropoulos  
                                   Montclair State University

3:20 - 3:35             Business Meeting

3:35 - 3:45             Drawing of Door Prizes and Announcement
                        of Silent Auction Winners.(Must be present to win)

5:00                    Dinner honoring invited speakers
                        See "Announcements"  for details
Program Organizers:  
Kay Gura, Larry D'Antonio, Ramapo College of New Jersey; Theresa
C. Michnowicz, May Hamdan, Jersey City State College;  Jean Lane,
Union County College; Judith Lenk, Ocean County College.

Program Committee:
Deborah Bennett, Jersey City State College; Andrew Demetropoulos,
Beverly Macaluso, Ken Wolff;  Montclair State University.


"Webs, Sieves, and Money: Number Theory's Rubber Hits the One way Road"

The Internet is not only changing the way people communicate. It is also changing some aspects of commerce, and promises to have an even larger impact in the future. It may in fact be a fundamental communications paradigm shift, not unlike what happened when mass-market print media and telephones were introduced.

Particularly in the commercial arena, availability of the communications medium has preceded development of easily-used tools to manipulate it. Further, legal and physical protections that people take for granted in other communications and commercial media are not yet commonly available for computer-to-computer electronic communications especially over the Internet.

Number theory may have a direct impact on development of these latter protections. This talk will give examples of ways that the Internet is beginning to open up to commercial interests, and indicate how number theory--in particular, the integer factoring problem--may provide some protection particularly germane to these interests. The talk will accent the relevant number theoretic topics, and will suggest a few areas ripe for further mathematical exploration.

J. Kevin Colligan a Senior Cryptologic Mathematician at the National Security Agency, has been at NSA since he received his master's degree in 1972 from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

A Phi Beta Kappa magna cum laude graduate of St. Louis University, Colligan initiated several of NSA's mathematics outreach programs, including their Speakers Bureau. He suggested the creation of, and served as the first liaison in an NSA sabbatical position at the National Research Council's Mathematical Sciences Education Board, where he helped initiate the first 25 State Mathematics Coalitions.

He is a reviewer for the NCTM's "Mathematics Magazine," an MAA Visiting Lecturer, a member of the MAA's Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, and is a member of the MAA board of Governors representing the MD-DC-VA Section, having previously served as the Section's Vice-chair for Programs. His current interests include network security issues, microprocessor design, computer graphics, secondary education, but first and foremost, his wife and son.


"Modeling the Random Motion of the Term Structure of Interest Rates".

This talk presents the"HJM" class of models for the random motion of the term structure of interest rates. Beginning with an introductory example of "no-arbitrage" pricing, the talk discusses the definition of the term structure and its motion in a deterministic world. This discussion leads to a natural representation of term structure motion in a stochastic world.

David Heath received his B.A. from Kalamazoo College in 1964 and his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in 1969. After six years in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota he moved to the School of OR&IE at Cornell University. His recent interests lie in areas of finance, including arbitrage pricing models and measures of risk. Dr. Heath was the Merrill Lynch Professor of Financial Engineering at Cornell University until joining the Department of Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University this Fall. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of Lehman Brothers Financial Products.


"Recent Results in Triangle Geometry"

Using trilinear coordinates, a study is made of various properties of the triangle. Isogonal conjugacy and isotomic conjugacy are defined for points, leading to self-isogonal and self-isotomic cubic curves. Circumonics of the triangle are paired by another kind of conjugacy. There is also a study of trapezoids with parallel sides in the ratio 1:2 whose diagonals intersect at the centroid of the triangle. Relationships among all of the above topics are encountered during the presentation.

Peter Yff was born in Chicago, Illinois, earned his bachelor's degree at Roosevelt College, an M.S. from University of Chicago, and his Ph.D. from University of Illinois in 1957. In addition to temporary positions at University of Toronto, Birgeit University, Fresno State University, University of Jordan, and University of Louisville, he was on the faculty of American University of Beirut from 1951 to 1988, and Visiting Professor at Ball State University, 1988-97. He has published sixteen papers, and received grants from NATO and National Research Council of Canada. His special interests are geometry and finite groups.


"Bankruptcy Problems and a Modern Detective Story"

When a company or estate has assets which are less than the claims made against it, it is desirable to divide the assets among the claimants in a fair and equitable manner. The origins of a mathematical approach to solving bankruptcy problems fairly was born over 1000 years ago, but only recently has an explanation been found for some problems whose solutions seemed to make no sense.

Joseph Malkevitch was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended Stuyvesant High School and Queens College. He received his doctorate in geometry at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1969 under the direction of Donald Crowe. Since 1968 he has taught at York College of the City University of New York. He also teaches at the CUNY Graduate Center, where he has had 4 Ph.D. students with a fifth in gestation. In recent years he has been interested in curriculum reform and has worked on a variety of projects for COMAP, including serving as the editor of its HIMAP Module series. He has co-authored several books and monographs including: Graphs, Models and Finite Mathematics; For All Practical Purposes; The Mathematical Theory of Elections; Loads of Codes; and Codes Galore. He is married and has two sons.


MAA-NJ Spring 1998 Meeting

The Spring meeting of MAA-NJ is scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 1998, with the Department of Mathematics at Ocean County College hosting. Invited speakers include Colin Adams, Williams College; Pslya lecturer Laszls Babai, University of Chicago and Evtvvs University, and Dan Kalman, American University.

Contributed Papers

We are planning a session of contributed papers at the April 4, 1998 meeting. If you wish to give a presentation (length 15 minutes), please submit a title and abstract no later than January 20, 1998 to Theresa C. Michnowicz, 342 Hall Avenue, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861. For more details call (201) 200-3219.

Student Talks

Since the student paper session was highly successful at our Spring 1997 meeting, we are planning a session at our Spring 1998 meeting devoted to 10 minute talks by students of all levels. Any faculty member with a student who would like to give a talk should submit the name, title, and abstract by February 15, 1998 to Larry D'Antonio of Ramapo College of New Jersey, 503 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430. For more details, call (201)529-7714 or email- ldant@ultrix.ramapo.edu.

MAA-NJ Officers
Governor:               Theresa C. Michnowicz, Jersey City State

Chair:                  Kay Gura, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Chair-Elect:            Larry D'Antonio, Ramapo College of New
Vice-Chair for:
Speakers                Jean Lane, Union County College 

Innovations             Theresa C. Michnowicz, Jersey City State
Two-Year Colleges       Amy Boyd, Union County College

Secretary               Naomi Shapiro, Georgian Court College

Treasurer               Nancy Maulding, Raritan Valley Community College

Public Information      
     Officer            Judith Lenk, Ocean County College

MAA-NJ Governor

Theresa C. Michnowicz was elected Governor of the NJ Section this year. Professor Michnowicz has been active in the New Jersey Section since 1990 serving as Vice-Chair for Speakers, Chair of the Section, and Vice-Chair for Innovation. She has had significant impact on the programs and activities of the section and in 1994 was the recipient of the MAA's Certificate of Meritorious Service for service at the national or sectional level. She currently serves on the MAA-National Committee on Sections.

Retiring as Governor after a three-year term is Barbara Osofsky of Rutgers University. She has been a member of several national MAA committees and chaired the programming committees for Seattle (summer 96) and Atlanta (summer 97) Mathfest. She has also served on the Publications Committee and committees to select the Monthly Lecturer. A specialist in rings and modules, she has been an invited speaker at two national annual meetings of the MAA. Her articles have appeared in the Monthly as well as in research journals and a monograph. Barbara has represented NJ well and we thank her for her service to the NJ section.

Officer Changes

Thomas Ralston of Georgian Court College has resigned after three years of service as Secretary of the NJ Section. He and his wife are moving to Berkeley, CA where he plans to pursue further study in music. We thank him for his service to the section and wish him well in his new endeavors.

Naomi Shapiro of Georgian Court College has been appointed to replace Tom Ralston for the final year of the four-year term as Secretary. Naomi is a long-time member of NJ-MAA and has previously served two terms as Secretary of the section. We thank her for accepting this responsibility again.

May Hamdan has resigned as Vice-Chair for Speakers. She is on leave from Jersey City State College and will be teaching at Lebanese American University in Lebanon this year. May was elected Vice-Chair at the November 1996 meeting. We thank her for her service to the section and look forward to her return to the U.S.

Jean Lane of Union County College has been appointed to complete the second year of the two-year term as Vice-Chair for Speakers. Jean was the first woman to Chair the New Jersey Section and has served in several capacities through the years. We thank her for accepting this appointment.

To assume the responsibilities of Vice-Chair for Speakers, Jean Lane resigned as Vice-Chair for Two Year Colleges. Amy Boyd of Union County College has been appointed to complete the second year of the two-year term as Vice-Chair for Two-Year Colleges. We thank her for accepting this appointment.

Distinguished Teaching Award

Each year the Section presents an Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. Nominees should be widely recognized as extraordinarily successful in their teaching, have influence beyond their own institution, and foster curiosity and generate excitement about mathematics in their students. Those eligible for the award are college or university teachers with at least five years teaching experience who are teaching a mathematical science in a public or private college or university and who are members of the New Jersey Section of the MAA. Previous recipients are:

        1992    Sr. M. Stephanie Sloyan, Georgian Court College
        1993    Eileen L. Poiani, Saint PeterUs College
        1994    Richard D. Bronson,  Fairleigh Dickinson University
        1995    Siegfried Haenisch, Trenton State University
        1996    Andrew Demetropoulos, Montclair State University
        1997    Roger S. Pinkham, Stevens Institute of Technology

This year we are implementing a two-stage nomination process. To initiate a nomination, submit a one page letter describing the candidate's qualifications to Naomi Shapiro, Georgian Court College, Lakewood, NJ 08701 by November 10, 1997. The selection committee will review the nomination letters and will invite some of the nominators to submit a full nomination package. The recipient of the teaching award will be chosen from this final set of candidates. For further information and complete eligibility requirements and guidelines for completing the nomination packet, contact Naomi Shapiro at (908) 364-2200, ext.338 or Kay Gura at (201) 327-3497.

Dinner Honoring Invited Speakers:

The Section will honor the invited speakers at dinner at Charlie Brown's Restaurant, Upper Montclair, NJ following the meeting on November 8. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. To reserve a place at the Dutch-treat dinner, contact Andrew Demetropoulos at 201-655-7256 or Beverly Macaluso at 201-655-4263. Please make your reservation by October 27.


The New Jersey Section of the Mathematical Association of America gratefully thanks the following:

The American Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association of America, COMAP, and Springer-Verlag New York for donating books.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Montclair State University for printing and mailing the program.

Beverly Macaluso of Montclair State University for preparing the program for printing.

The Mathematical Association of America also thanks the following members for their service to the section:

        Committee to Nominate Candidates for Governor:
                Evan Aldoerfer, Ocean County College
                Ashby Foote, Rutgers University, Chair
                Barbara Osofsky, Rutgers University

        Committee to Select Distinguished Teacher:
                Richard Bronson, Fairleigh Dickinson University
                Marcia Guza, Bellcore
                William Hausdoerffer, Trenton State College
                Eileen Poiani, St. Peter's College
                Sr. Stephanie Sloyan, Georgian Court College,

In addition, we thank Ken Wolff, Chair and members of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Montclair State University for their kind hospitality in hosting the meeting.

In Memoriam

Fred Almgren, Jr.

Dr. Fred Almgren, Jr., a long time member and former chair of the MAA-NJ (1973-75), died on February 5, 1997. He was the Henry Burchard Fine Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University, where he had taught since 1962. Dr. Almgren was a major figure in the area of geometric measure theory. His prolific research ranged from a 1,720 page paper on the singularities of area-minimizing surfaces to an article on soap films published in Scientific American. This latter was written with his wife Jean Taylor, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University. Dr. Almgren will be fondly remembered as a colleague, teacher, mathematician, and friend.


Kaila Katz

Dr. Kaila Katz, a member of the computer science faculty at Montclair State University, passed away on April 13, 1997. Kaila was part of our faculty for twenty years. Dr. Katz received a B.A. in American Studies from Brandies and a Masters in Social Work from Simmons. This was followed by an M.A. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in mathematics education from NYU and certification in computer science (IFRICS) from Clarkson University. Nationally known for her work in computer science history and education, Kaila was active with the MAA and served as department representative to the NJ section for many years. She will be sorely missed by her colleagues and students.


Montclair State is on Valley Road and Normal Avenue, Upper Montclair, N.J. one mile south of the junction of Routes 3 and 46.

By Car From:

Bloomfied Ave., Montclair: North on Valley Rd., 3.3 miles to Normal Avenue light, turn left.

Route 46 (East and West): Valley Rd., Montclair exit (at Route 3 junction), south for approximately one mile to Normal Ave. light, turn right.

Route 3: Valley Rd, Montclair exit (at Route 46 junction), south for approximately one mile to Normal Ave. light, turn right.

Garden State Parkway North: Exit 153B (left lane) to Route 3 West to Valley Rd., Montclair exit, left one mile to Normal Ave. light , turn right.

Garden State Parkway South: Exit 154 to Route 46 West, to Valley Rd., Montclair exit, left one mile to Normal Ave. light, turn right.

New Jersey Turnpike: Exit 16W to Route 3, Valley Rd., Montclair exit, left one mile to Normal Ave. light, turn right. Motorists travelling on the Turnpike south of Exit 11 may exit there to Garden State Parkway North.

Lincoln Tunnel: Follow to Route 3.

George Washington Bridge: Route 80 to Garden State Parkway South.

Bus and rail service are available to the campus but service is limited on the weekend. Please contact Beverly macaluso at (201) 655-4263 for further information.


To help us plan for this meeting, please complete this form or a
photocopy of this form and return with check made payable to
MAA-NJ before October 31,1997 to:
                Beverly Macaluso
        Dept.of Mathematics & Computer Science RI-201
                Montclair State University
                Valley Road & Normal Avenue
                Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
Voice Mail 201-655-4263   EMail  macalusob@saturn.montclair.edu




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I will attend the meeting:
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        (Registration fee is $15 at the door)

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For futher information send mail to Larry D'Antonio ldant@ramapo.edu

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