Nomination Procedure for a New Jersey section award
For Distinguished College or University Teaching

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Nomination forms can be emailed to the MAA-NJ secretary: Zhixiong Chen, New Jersey City University, (e-mail)

Nominating Process for the MAA NJ-Section Teaching Award Adopted 14 January 2009, effective immediately

  1. Process
  2. Any member of the section and any department chair (whether a member or not) may initiate a nomination for the Section’s Teaching Award by submitting a name to the section secretary by (i) letter or postcard, (ii) email, or (iii) paper at a meeting.

    Names submitted by the first Friday after the Fall section meeting will be considered for the award to be made at upcoming spring Section Meeting. Names submitted later will be considered for the next year’s award. Names will be held in the pool for three years.

    The secretary will turn these names over to the chair of the Teaching Award Committee, who will then communicate with the nominator and the chair of the nominee’s department to collect information to be considered by the Teaching Award Committee. Ideally, this information will include a CV and three letters - at least one from a faculty member and at least one from a current or former student.

    The Teaching Award Committee will make a decision by the end of January in order to get the publicity into the schedule for the Spring Section Meeting. It is the job of the Committee (not the nominator!) to verify that the nominee satisfies the criteria below.

  3. Criteria
  4. The criteria for the award are (i) membership in the MAA for two years prior to the year of the award, continuing into the year of the award. (ii) holding a full-time teaching position during those three years (iii) demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching. (iv) contributions to the education of students outside the candidate’s classrooms (e.g., REU’s, advising Math Clubs, advising and/or mentoring, developing courses or course materials).

    Preference will be given to those who demonstrate a beneficial impact on undergraduate education outside, as well as inside, the candidate’s department (e.g., interdisciplinary activities; relevant participation in MAA or other organizations).

  5. Relation to the Haimo Award
  6. The Section Executive Committee will choose a current or past winner of the Section Teaching Award to nominate for the Haimo Award in time for the Chair of the Teaching Award Committee to gather sufficient information to complete the nomination forms by the deadline, which is currently March 1 each year.

(These revised procedures were approved by the Executive Committee of the New Jersey Section of the Mathematical Association of America on  January 14, 2009.)