Chairperson's Report

Bette Warren The purpose of the Michigan Section is to support and improve mathematics education in the state's colleges and universities. We have five ongoing projects that take most of our resources and energy: the annual Section meeting, the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition, the High School Visiting Lecturer Program, the Section Newsletter, and our Web page. In addition, we try to offer encouragement and support to other projects that benefit our colleagues and students.

Recently we were able to give some financial support, through an Exxon grant to the MAA, to the (first annual?) Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, which was held on February 13 at Alma College. The conference was organized by Tim Sipka (Alma C), Paul Fishback and Jody Sorensen (GVSU), and Toni Carroll (Siena Heights U), and planned by students at these three colleges. Over 120 college students, parents, and professors attended talks by undergraduate mathematics students, presentations on a variety of careers, a panel discussion on math clubs, and an award ceremony for a math club Web page contest. (See story.) The student presentations were very impressive. We all remember how exhilarating it was to learn that we could do (rather than just digest) mathematics, and how intimidating it was to give our first presentations to a wider audience. This conference provided a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate mathematics students to be featured and celebrated. I want to congratulate the students and faculty who organized this very successful event.

There is another project that I would like to invite you to help in shaping: the organization and implementation of a Michigan Section Project NExT to support new faculty members in the state's colleges and universities. There will be a special session at the annual meeting in Ypsilanti to discuss ideas for a formal program. It is especially important that department chairs and senior faculty bring their newer faculty members to this session. (For further details, see the article.)

I hope to see all of you at the Michigan Section's 75th anniversary meeting on May 7-8 in Ypsilanti. Eastern Michigan University is celebrating its sesquicentennial, so this will be a truly historic meeting, honoring the past, featuring the present, and shaping the future.

Bette Warren, Chair

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