MMPC Awards Day
Michigan State University
March 6, 1999

Andreas Blass Andreas Blass (UM-Ann Arbor) lectures Top 100 on unprovable truths
Charles MacCluer (MSU) speaks to Top 100 on industrial mathematics Charles MacCleur
Gold and Silver Award Winners
From left to right: David Kurtz, Chris Wagner, Michael Khoury, Jr., Mike Asmar, Qian Zhang, Vivek Shende, Brian Schroeder, Wayland Ni (Ryan Timmons was absent.)
Grading Faculty volunteers grade Part II at MSU in January
Mike Khoury, Jr. Renate McLaughlin
Student Michael Khoury, Jr., relates experiences at last year's ARML Exam Chair Renate McLaughlin (UM-Flint) entertains with students' funny comments on the Part II exam questions
First Place Award Section Chair Bette Warren (EMU) congratulates first place winner Qian Zhang
MMPC Director Jerry Ludden (MSU) and Exam Committee Chair Renate McLaughlin relax after their job is done McLaughlin and Ludden

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