MMPC Awards Day Banquet

Section Chair Matt Wyneken (EMU) congratulates first place winner Michael Khoury, Jr., as MMPC director Jerry Ludden (MSU) looks on.

Gold and Silver Award Winners

From left to right: Thomas Chambers III, Qian Zhang,

Goutam Reddy, Michael Khoury, Jr.,Vijay Divi,

Robert Easton, Robert Lillibridge, Ryan Lang

(Haiwen Chu and Betsy Huebner were absent.)

1996-1997 Exam Chair Mike Merscher (LTU) entertains with students' funny comments on the Part II exam questions

Sheldon Newhouse (MSU) speaks to Top 100 on Understanding Chaos

Students work on geometry projects under the direction of Mary Winter (MSU)

Vijay Divi relates experiences at last year's ARML

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