Volunteers Needed for MAA Service

Martha Siegel, MAA Secretary, has issued a call for names of people who would make a worthwhile contribution to committees of the Mathematical Association of America. Self nominations are fine. Send the member's name, affiliation, and a brief sentence or two about their experience and interests to her via e-mail (siegel@towson.edu).

Ms. Siegel wrote in a message to liaisons, "Although we have well over 100 committees, we cannot promise anyone an appointment in the very next round. We try to balance committees in 2- and 4-year college and university faculty, gender, geography, etc. The Committee on Committees makes the decisions in the summer. Appointment letters are sent out in the early fall."

On a related note, the Michigan Section is looking for volunteers to take over the directing of the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition once Robert Messer (Albion C) has completed his term as director in 2002. Contact Bob (ram@albion.edu) or Section chair Sid Graham (Sidney.W.Graham@cmich.edu) for more information.

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