Secretary and Treasurer's Report

Margret HöftI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent in dues.

We currently have 180 individual members and 26 institutional members. Of the 180 individual members, 61 have paid sustaining member dues of $30. The lists of institutional members and sustaining members are on pages 29 and 31. If you have not yet sent in your dues for 2000-2001, you can still do so with the membership form on page 21. Please check the list of institutional members. If your school is not listed, you might want to remind your department chair.

regular members12212310097119
sustaining members5448445361
institutional members2621272625

The Michigan Section's current bank balance is $10,169.97, which includes $2,450 committed to the Section's Project NExT. Last year's balance was $11,819.88, which included the $3,000 Exxon Foundation grant for Project NExT. Last year at this time, early payments from vendors for the annual meeting and for advertisements in the Newsletter had already been received. This year, these payments have not yet been received, which explains the lower balance. I believe it can be said that the financial health of the Section is satisfactory.

Margret Höft, Secretary/Treasurer

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