Awards Day Pictures

MMPC Awards Day, Albion College, March 10, 2001

Michigan Section­MAA Chair Sid Graham (CMU) congratulates first place winner Mike Asmar, as MMPC director Bob Messer (Albion C) looks on

Gold and Silver Award Winners

From left to right: Michael Pierfelice, Christopher Battey, Peter Landry, Ryan Timmons, Mike Asmar, Shailesh Agarwal, Charles Crissman, Dennis Lu, Chenlu Hou, Hogyeong Jeong (Arrak Bhattacharyya was absent)

Ruth Favro (LTU), left, congratulates top female contestant, Chenlu Hou

Joan Hutchinson and Stan Wagon (Macalester C) speak to the Top 100

Faculty volunteers grade Part II at Albion College in January

Joshua Boehme relates experiences at last year's ARML

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