MMPC Awards Day
Albion College, March 4, 2000

Gold and Silver Winners

Gold and Silver Award Winners
From left to right: Keeram Lee, Chris Wagner, Wen Shi,
Ryan Timmons, Joseph Nievelt, Robert Hough, Qian Zhang,
Dennis Lu, Vivek Shende, Mike Asmar, Matt Orians

Faculty volunteers grade Part II at MSU in January

Don Saari (Northwestern U) speaks
to the Top 100

1999-2000 MMPC Director Bob Messer
(Albion C)

Exam Chair Renate McLaughlin (UM-Flint)
entertains with students' funny comments
on the Part II exam questions

Student Qian Zhang relates experiences at
last year's ARML

Michigan Section-MAA Chair Dan Frohardt
(WSU) congratulates first place winner
Qian Zhang

Raghunath Khetan is recognized for his work
training students for math contests

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