Governor's Report

John Kintinen, Section Governor I am keeping my report very brief this time so that Jerry can have more space in this issue for other things, giving comments on just a few items addressed at the January meeting of the Board of Governors in Washington, DC.

Of most interest to us in Michigan is the decision to hold the summer of 2001 Mathfest in Wisconsin, rather than in Michigan. The Site Selection Committee opted for Madison rather than Ann Arbor because of air conditioned dorm rooms, easier parking, and a single local coordinator's office to deal with. It is a disappointment, but we can try again.

We welcomed on board Tina Straley, the new Executive Director, who has taken over from Marcia Sward in this important leadership role.

An important issue that came up again at this meeting was the current inclusion of a subscription to at least one of the three MAA journals with membership dues. There is an ongoing discussion of decoupling subscriptions from dues. Given the complexity of the question and major financial ramifications, we again deferred the matter for further study by the staff.

John Kiltinen, Governor, Michigan Section-MAA

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