Annual Meeting at Eastern Michigan University
May 7-8, 1999

Pray-Harrold Hall provides the setting for the meeting.

Mathemagician Art Benjamin impresses young and old alike.

Luncheon speaker Glenda Lappan reports from the NCTM.

Thomas Hales shows how to pack spheres and polyhedra in 3-dimensional space.

Hugh Montgomery provides Riemann Hypothesis update.

Charles Allan comes to grips with MEAP and placement.

William Miller reports on sabbatical in the Czech Republic.

Two organizations celebrate landmark anniversaries.

Underwood Dudley confronts the cranks.

Student Tim Calappi speaks on Znam.

Janet Andersen links science and math.

EMU mascot keeps watch.

Mary Beth Searcy examines retention.

Herman Sutton tweaks Heron.

Bette Warren teaches with Excel.

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