Michigan Section Wins Grant for Girls

The Michigan Section recently received a $5000 Tensor Grant from the MAA to establish a project mentoring girls and young women who are interested in mathematics.

For our Women and Mathematics (WAM) Scholars, we will recruit 8th-10th grade girls to participate in mentoring groups. Each group of three to six students will work with a female mathematician from our Section on a mathematical project in such current research areas as dynamical systems, graph theory, or cryptology. Activities will be conducted over the Internet and through periodic group meetings, with the gathering of all participants and mentors at the spring meeting of our Section as a yearly highlight.

Our goal is to reinforce the mathematical confidence and interests of participants moving through those treacherous years during which young women often lose or suppress their mathematical and scientific abilities. We also plan to offer lots of social support - participating will be fun!

The project is being directed by Toni Carroll (Siena Heights U) with the assistance of Carolyn Dean (UM-Ann Arbor), Ruth Favro (LTU) and Bette Warren (EMU). Both additional mentors and volunteers for supporting roles are sought. If you would like to help with this project, please contact Toni (toni@sienahts.edu) for more information. To subscribe to the Women and Mathematics mailing group, send an e-mail message to majordomo@sienahts.edu, with a message text (not subject line) reading "subscribe mathwam".

Carolyn Dean

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