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Alma College

The Mathematical Society of Alma College (MSAC) was quite active during the 1998-1999 school year. Throughout the year, MSAC sponsored math "teas" - informal gatherings on Friday afternoons where students have the chance to give a presentation. Once a term, MSAC and the computer science club have a bowling competition. During both the Fall and Winter terms, MSAC participated in the Science Blowout, an event that provides kids in grades K-8 with hands-on activities to increase their interest in science, such as demonstrating minimal surfaces with bubbles, Möbius strips, calculator games, and tangrams. A few members of MSAC helped plan and organize the undergraduate math conference that was held at Alma College last February. MSAC also assisted the Women-s Issues Advisory Board in constructing a labyrinth that was used during Women-s History Month.

Grand Valley State University

The newly elected officers for the MAA student chapter are Amy Vanderzee (President), Hillary Tichelaar (Vice President), Derek House (Secretary), and Kristin Rench (Treasurer). The Pi Mu Epsilon officers are Wendy Kooiman (President) and Darlene Simon (Vice President). This fall we will be having a number of outside speakers and social events, and we will be planning February-s second annual Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Plus our Friday afternoon ultimate frisbee games!

Hope College

The Pi Mu Epsilon chapter officers are Eric Goodman, Jen Gliesman, and Mike Harris. The chapter sponsored a Problems, Puzzles, and Pizza Colloquium.

Siena Heights University

Amanda Holtschlag is the new president of the SHU math club (Mathematical Association of Siena Scholars). Other officers are Daryl Davis, Sue Ann Kittleson, Robert Czeiszperger, and Anessa Clegg. Past president Angela Root is now a graduate assistant at WMU.

University of Michigan-Flint

The current UM-Flint S.U.M. (Student Union for Mathematics) officers are Rebecca Vining, Jane Brzezinski, Jason Hill, and Carrie Blakeslee. Activities include a T-shirt sale and a math movie marathon.

Western Michigan University

The 1999-2000 officers of Pi Mu Epsilon are Raluca Muntean (President), Sarah Laarman (Vice President), Daniele Bartolotti (Secretary), Jennifer Sikorski (Treasurer), Oscar Neal (Webmaster), and Vince Castellana (Graduate Student Representative). Speakers for this year will include Edward Moylan (Ford Motor Company), Thomas Hales (UM-Ann Arbor), Frank Morgan (Williams C), Peter Hilton (SUNY at Binghamton), Jean Pederson (Santa Clara U), Allen Schwenk (WMU), John Martino (WMU), John Petro (WMU), Michele Intermont (Kalamazoo C), and Mark Crawford and Oscar Neal (WMU graduate students).

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