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Three college students in Michigan were honored by the Section for their performance on the 1997 Putnam Examination. The top Michigan scorer was Russell Woodroofe (UM-Ann Arbor), followed by Michael Dekker (Calvin C) and David Houston (OU).

A total of 14,674 students from 231 Michigan schools participated in the 1997-98 AJHSME, again ranking Michigan first in the national registration figures. National Honor Roll recognition went to 83 Michigan students, and 835 received Michigan Honor Roll certificates. Nine Michigan students tied with scores of 24/25. The 14th annual AJHSME will take place this fall. Matt Wyneken and Kristina Hansen (UM-Flint) serve as state AJHSME coordinators.

At the senior high level a total of 5760 students from 114 Michigan schools participated in the 1997-98 AHSME. This year's Michigan winner was again Michael Khoury of Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills. School Honor Roll distinction went to Ann Arbor Huron HS, Detroit Country Day School, Brother Rice HS, Troy HS, and Livonia MSC. National Distinguished Honor Roll status was earned by 68 Michigan students, and 133 others achieved the National Honor Roll. Jason McCullough of the Mecosta-Osceola Mathematics/Science/Technology Center was a Gold Medal Recipients. He has placed first in his school for five consecutive years. The 50th annual AHSME will be held in February. The state coordinator for AHSME is David Laverell (Calvin C).

On another front, for the first time in its ten-year history, the Michigan All-Stars entered three teams of fifteen high school mathematics students in the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) Competition. The Michigan Reals placed 11th in Division A. In Division B the Michigan Naturals tied for 11th place (winning the University of Iowa site award in that division), and the Michigan Primes placed 23rd. A total of 112 teams participated in the competition, held last May on the campuses of the University of Iowa, Penn State University, and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Robert Messer (Albion C), John Fink (Kalamazoo C), and Ruth Favro (LTU), along with William Harris, chair of the Mathematics Department at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, recruited MMPC award recipients to represent Michigan in the ARML Competition. Support for the three practice sessions and travel to Iowa was provided by the Michigan Section through a grant from the Matilda Wilson Foundation, with additional funding from the Charles M. Bauervic Foundation.

One of the ingenious problems on the team round of ARML asked the students to determine the number of distinct triangles with area 3/2 and vertices having integer coordinates between 0 and 3, inclusive. The coaches look forward to next spring to see how the Michigan All-Stars will stack up against teams from Massachusetts and San Francisco, the top two teams in the 1998 competition. Visit the Web site ( for photos and additional information.

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