Student Chapter News

Albion College

Albion College students have begun construction of a level-three model of the Menger sponge made by folding and interlocking 66,048 business cards. Recent progress can be viewed on the Web page

Alma College

The campus math club is quite active. Last winter term they began having math "teas" on Friday afternoons as opportunities for student presentations and sharing of interesting mathematical tidbits. Students have also attended various mathematics conferences both in-state and out-of-state.

Central Michigan University

Gamma Iota Sigma, a national insurance and risk management collegiate fraternity, will host two actuarial speakers this fall.

Grand Valley State University

On September 26 the Michigan Iota Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon was installed at GVSU. Twenty-nine students and faculty members became charter members. Robert Smith (Miami U) performed the installation, and Underwood Dudley gave a talk entitled "Angle Trisectors". A dinner for students and their families was held at the university restaurant. The chapter installation builds upon the activities of the GVSU Mathematics and Statistics Club, which is a student chapter of the MAA. Activities of the club during the past four years include making T-shirts and coffee mugs, organizing a regional career conference (funded in part by the Exxon Educational Fund), conducting a problem-solving seminar, and inviting alumni to speak on various careers. The faculty advisor for both the club and the PME chapter is Paul Fishback.

Hillsdale College

The officers of the Michigan Delta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon are Nicholas Peters (President), Jennifer Fassett (Vice President), Tonya Estes (Treasurer), and Deborah Kent (Secretary). The Chapter is organizing GRE mathematics review sessions for seniors, mathematics tutoring sessions for all students, and the Fall initiation.

Kettering University

The Michigan Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon was installed on March 28. Ed Aboufadel (GVSU) gave the keynote speech on "A Mathematician Catches A Baseball". The Fall Math Movie was "Mathematical Mystery Tour". Retiring Professor Duane McKeachie spoke at the Math Pizza Party on "A Half-Century of Mathematics at 1700 West Third Avenue".

Michigan Technological University

The Math Society at MTU has changed its name to the Numerical Organization because of the better opportunities for inside jokes, like "N.O. Meeting this week. Be sure to attend!" or "Just say N.O.!". Also, Mike ("The Shark") Gilpin will once again be helping novices learn applied geometry in the Pool Room.

Siena Heights University

M.A.S.S. (Mathematical Association of Siena Students) is chaired by Angela Root. The club-sponsored Las Vegas night in September was a huge success. We are looking forward to co-sponsoring a student math conference in Michigan in collaboration with three other universities.

Western Michigan University

The 1998-1999 officers of Pi Mu Epsilon are Christopher Poisson (President), Peter Buczkowski (Vice President), Natasha Shinkel (Secretary), Raluca Muntean (Treasurer), Oscar Neal (Webmaster), and Linda Eroh (Graduate Student Representative). Recent Pi Mu Epsilon speakers were Alan Koch (Hope C), Underwood Dudley (Depauw U), Chris Rodger (Auburn U), Robert Megginson (UM-Ann Arbor), Thomas Richardson (WMU), Christopher Poisson (WMU graduate student), Raluca Muntean (WMU undergraduate student), Joseph Gallian (U of Minnesota-Duluth), John Stoughton (Hope C), and Gary Chartrand (WMU).

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