Annual Meeting
Western Michigan University
May 1-2, 1998

Western Michigan University hosts the annual meeting.

Anita Solow
Banquet speaker Anita Solow finds women in mathematics.

David Bressoud
David Bressoud explains alternating signs.

Margret Hoft
Margret Höft proves theorems with Mathematica.

Bob Bartle
Bob Bartle defines integrals his way.

Mitzi Chaffer Tom Miles
Mitzi Chaffer and Tom Miles study competency (see this page).

book display
An expanded book display occupies its own room.

Aparna Higgins
Aparna Higgins fights demonic graphs.

Marian Barry
Luncheon speaker Marian Barry spies on her old Section.

Bob Megginson
Bob Megginson tries to reach more minority math students.

Jo Warner
Jo Warner tries to wipe out innumeracy.

Irene Duranczyk
Irene Duranczyk ponders student beliefs.

The Association for Women in Mathematics holds a breakfast meeting.

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