Pictures from the May Meeting

Dow Hall at CMU provides the setting for the meeting

Section Secretary/Treasurer Ruth Favro sells books

Colin Adams entertains as land mogul Mel Slugbate

Ken Mullin confronts an era of reform

Andreas Blass explains Gödel's incompleteness

Alma C students speak: Melis-

sa Desjarlais and Carter Gay

Hallway conversation focuses on John Petro

Ron Graham remembers Paul Erdös

Fan Chung Graham hears graph shapes

Richard Hill shares teaching ideas

David Bayer reflects on the role of computing in mathematics

Paul Fishback tackles Sylvester's theorem

Roger Verhey pushes the new NCTM Principles and Standards

Karen Rhea compares reform in two states

Program chair Sid Graham puts it all together

Rheta Rubenstein traces mathematical word origins

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