The High School Visiting Lecture Program

Steve Schlicker and Paul Fishback (GVSU) are jointly directing the High School Visiting Lecture Program during the 2000-2001 academic year. The program is in full swing, and ten requests for speakers already arrived by mid-October. The HSVLP offers high school students and teachers the opportunity to connect with college and university faculty and other mathematics professionals. Topics that mathematicians share with schools include applications of mathematics in bridge-building and Congressional apportionment, careers in mathematics, beautiful mathematical gems in mainstream mathematics, and topics in other areas such as graph theory, chaos theory, and the theory of surreal numbers.

All faculty who are interested in giving high school presentations are encouraged to participate. The present list of speakers is available on the Section Web site ( This list is updated regularly. Please encourage any high school teachers you may know to take advantage of the program. There is no charge to them for this service. For further information, see our web site or contact Steve or Paul (see contact information on the Committees and Appointments page).

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