Student Chapter News

Alma College

The Math Club/MAA student chapter/Pi Mu Epsilon chapter continues to be active. The student group(s) frequently host a Friday afternoon tea where students or faculty make short presentations on a mathematical topic.

Saginaw Valley State University

The Math Club (faculty representative Gholamreza Akbari) planned to compete in the Math Challenge on November 11.

Siena Heights University

The math club has changed its name to Mathematical Association of Siena Heights (MASH for short) and expects to become a chapter of PME. Officers are Joe Chandler, Derrick Clark, Stacey Sniesek, Ann Boyak, and Paul Van Sickle. They recently held a successful Casino Night to raise money for activities.

Western Michigan University

The 2000-2001 officers of Pi Mu Epsilon are Daniele Bortolotti, Lindsay Akers, Jason Lucka, Barbara Woltjer, and Vince Castellana. Speakers for the fall semester include Bob Rogers (SUNY at Fredonia), Keith Devlin (St. Mary's C), and Kristen Moore (UM-Ann Arbor). For more information, please see the chapter's Web page:

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