Michigan MAA Bylaws Revision

The bylaws of the Michigan Section of the MAA are formally reviewed and revised on a ten year cycle, which occurs this year (2017). This review is particularly apropos because the MAA itself significantly revised its bylaws in January 2017.

Accordingly, in the summer of 2017, a committee consisting of Gavin LaRose (past chair), Laura McLeman (current chair), Steve Schlicker (Goveror, or Section Representative), and Mark Bollman (Secretary/Treasurer) created a proposed bylaws revision for the Section. These are recommended by the Section's Executive Committee, and will be submitted for approval by the members of the Section at the business meeting at the spring Section meeting in April 2018. Below we provide the proposed revision, and an explanation for the changes that are being made.

These changes to the bylaws:

These are included in the following: