Proceedings of the

Louisiana-Mississippi Section

of the

Mathematical Association of America

Spring 2001

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Small Perimeter-Minimizing Double Bubbles in Compact Surfaces are Standard, Frank Morgan, Williams College

Roger's Factoring and Lifting Theorems, Julien Doucet, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Doubly-even Self-dual Codes: From Old to New, Katherine Roegner, Southeastern Louisiana University

The Representations of GL(2,K) where K is a finite field, Edgar N. Reyes, Southeastern Louisiana University

Indefinite integrals of products and quotients of trigonometric functions, Louis Blair, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Visualizing the Chances of Winning a Lottery, W. Conway Link, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

MAA/Tensor Foundation/MUW Math Camp, Bonnie L. Oppenheimer, Mississippi University for Women

The Distance Between A Point In Cn and a Subspace Of Cn, Michael Bard, Edward Fuselier, and Denny Himel, Southeastern Louisiana University

The Minimum Distance Between Two Lines in n-Space, Michael Bard and Denny Himel, Southeastern Louisiana University

Projections and Groebner Bases, Greg Henry, Mississippi State University

Least Squares Approach to the Rayliegh-Ritz Method, Chad Magers, Mississippi State University

Optimal Investment Strategies: A Constrained Optimization Approach, Janet L. Waldrop, Mississippi State University