Proceedings of the

Louisiana-Mississippi Section

of the

Mathematical Association of America

Spring 2000

Research | Pedagogy | Student Papers | Special Presentations

Five Theorems in the Theory of Riesz Spaces, Gerard Buskes, University of Mississippi

Finite Differences and Derivatives, Julien Doucet, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

On 2-by-2 Triangular Matrices With Integer Entries Modulo n and Group Representations, E. N. Reyes, Southeastern Louisiana University

The Number of Admissible Sequences For Indecomposable Serial Rings With a Simple Projective Module, Joshua Hanes, University of Mississippi; Darren Wick, Ashland University.

Student Development in the Understanding of Proof, Connie Campbell, Millsaps; Georgia S. Miller, JSU; G. Joseph Wimbish, Huntingdon College

Group Dynamics in Learning to Prove Theorems, Connie Campbell, Millsaps; Georgia S. Miller, JSU; G. Joseph Wimbish, Huntingdon College

The Mathematics Major in 2010:  What Should Graduates Know?, Connie Campbell, Stan Chadick, Tommy Leavelle, Frank Serio

The Reporting of the Findings of Student Statistics Project Groups by the Media A Few Examples, W. Conway Link, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Polynomials of Arbitrarily High Degree, Descartes' Rule of Signs, and the Calculation of Effective Rate of Return, Paul Sisson, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Designing Rollercoasters, Shawn P. Cooke, Mississippi State University.  Faculty Advisor:  Vivien Glass Miller

Algorithms in Discrete Minimization Applications, Dylan Copland, Southeastern Louisiana University.  Faculty Advisor:  Dennis Merino

Investigations in Quadratic Curve Fitting, Edward Jules Fuselier, Jr., Department of Mathematics, Southeastern Louisiana University.  Faculty Advisor: Prof. Dennis I. Merino

An Application of Fixed Point Theory to Optimal Consumer Satisfaction in an Infinite Time Horizon Model, Lorraine A. Hughes, Mississippi State University