Annual Meeting

The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Louisiana-Mississippi Section of the Mathematical Association of America was held on the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 1-2, 1996. Southern University hosted the meeting. The meeting consisted of seven invited guest speakers, four workshops, five panel discussions, 22 contributed papers, seven student papers, and a student team competition with 31 teams competing.

Business Meeting Minutes

March 2, 1996

Section Chair Phil Quartararo of Southern University called the meeting to order. Chairman Quartararo thanked all members who contributed to the success of the section meeting. He presented gifts made by members of the Mathematics Department of Southern University to each of the keynote speakers.

Chairman Quartararo expressed thanks to the following exhibitors:

  • Harper Collins College Publishers
  • McGraw Hill
  • Harcourt Brace/Saunders College Publishing
  • Houghton Mifflin
  • ITP, Brooks Cole, PWS
  • Texas Instruments
  • Casio
  • Wiley
  • Chairman Quartararo recognized Professor D. Bagayoka, a member of the Physics Department at Southern University, who made some brief comments regarding the Alliance for Minority Progress program in Louisiana.

    The following brief report on the Awards Banquet which was held Friday night was given by Chairman Quartararo.

    Professors Paul Rees and Richard Anderson were honored for their long term service to mathematics, the MAA, and the LA-MS Section. Professor Pat Jones of USL was selected as the Section's Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Professor Carlos Spaht of LSU Shreveport was given an award for his outstanding service in the Shreveport area related to the "LaPrep" program which he originated and continues to build there.
    Professors Robert Park and Robert Stewart provided (vocal and keyboard) music for the entertainment of all.

    Professor Charles Rees read a response to the award received by Professor Paul Rees. Professor Rees expressed the family's thanks to the section.

    Chairman Quartararo expressed thanks for the section to Professor John Travis of Mississippi College for the section's home page on the World Wide Web

    The following reports were given.

    1. The Treasurer's report was given by Professor Rose Strahan.
    2. Professor Charles Alexander, Section Governor, gave a brief report.
    3. Professor George Mead gave the Necrology report.
    4. TheMathematical Concerns Committee report was given by Professor Connie Campbell of Millsaps College.
    5. The Nominations/Place of Meeting Committee report was given by Rogers Newman.
    6. Meeting Site in 1997 - Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi
      Meeting Site in 1998 - University of New Orleans
      Officers were elected.
    7. The Student Team Competition Report was given by Professor Steve Ligh. There were 34 teams registered, but only 31 teams actually competed. Thirteen schools from Louisiana and six schools from Mississippi entered the competition. The winners were:
    8. First Place: Tulane University
      Second Place - University of Southern Mississippi
      Third Place: University of Southwestern Louisiana

      Prizes of $100, $75, and $50 were awarded to the first three teams.

    9. The Student Papers Committee, chaired by Professor Stella Ashford, reported the following winners:
    10. "The Probability of Dropped Objects", Chris Gresham, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
      "A Special Type of Scalar Matrix", Kimbeni Harris, Southern University and A&M College.

      Savings bonds in the amount of $50 were awarded the winners.

    11. The Resolutions Committee Report was given by Professor Burrow Brooks.

    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

    Rose Strahan, Secretary/Treasurer