LA/MS Concerns Committee

LA/MS Concerns Committee

1996 Meeting Minutes

Committee Chairman: Connie Campbell, Millsaps College

Members Present: Connie Campbell (97), Vic Scheider (97), Kathleen Lopez (99), Joe Thrash (99), and Judith Covington (98)

Members Absent: John Travis (98), and Rogers Newman (96)

The committee met on March 1st and began by discussing the committee structure. It is composed of 3 representatives from each state. Each year one member from each state rotates off and is replaced. Replacements are chosen by the Executive Committee. The committee also agreed that the chairmanship should alternate between states.

The committee agreed that we would like to commend members of our section for their dedication to teaching college mathematics and to the use of technology in the classroom.

Concerns discussed were:

  1. How can we get more high schools involved in our section? The committee recommends that the section chair distribute info on the meeting to high school teachers and that the section chair ask local high school faculty for suggestions.
  2. Graphing calculators: What are we saying to the students when we have rental programs? What are standard exams allowing? What should we as educators allow?
  3. The committee recommended that there be a panel discussion on these issues at the next meeting.

The committee recommended that future issues discussed should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and, if appropriate, panels should be set up to discuss these issues at the regional meetings.

The committee agreed that Vic Schneider should chair the committee for the March '96- March '97 term and he graciously accepted.

In closing, concerns of non-mathematics faculty teaching mathematics classes and of NCAT accreditation standards were briefly discussed and the committee will continue to think on these issues.