LA/MS Concerns Committee

2003 Meeting Minutes

Committee Chairman : Clifton Wingard, Delta State University
Members Present : Stan Chadick, Melinda Gann, Mark Schlatter, Clifton Wingard, Shaochen Yang
Members Absent : Phil Quartararo
Also Present: Connie Campbell, Section Governor, and Ann Watkins, former MAA President

The committee met on February 22, 2003, and began by discussing concerns of the committee members.

The discussion of the committee centered around work issues and the issues of attracting and retaining faculty.  Because the national MAA organization has no interest in forming a national accreditation agency, the Concerns Committee recommended the formation of a committee to study the current MAA guidelines concerning teaching load versus research and other activities.  The outcome of this study would be the creation of a document containing specific criteria for mathematics departments in this section concerning these issues.  The committee would include the section governor and several members representing a range of institutions within this section.

Another possible outcome would be to have individuals designated to communicate with college or university administrators of institutions who are not in compliance with the criteria developed and publish in a written format and electronically (to be posted on the web) a list of those institutions within the section who are in compliance and those
 who are not in compliance.  This would allow possible applicants for positions within these institutions to have this sort of information prior to interviews.

The concerns committee would like to see some sort of initiative within institutions in this section to educate PhD candidates in the application process and in ways of negotiating the teaching contract with the college or university administration.  It is believed that the informed job candidate would be more satisfied with the employment
package and more easily retained by the hiring institution.

Respectively submitted,

Clifton Wingard, Chair