Spring 2003

Volume 25, No. 3

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Reports from the Section Meeting:

Member News


Resolutions Committee Report


Be it resolved that the 80th annual LA-MS Section meeting held February 21-22, 2003 in Clinton, MS at Mississippi College was a great success.


Be it resolved that we express appreciation to President Lee Royce and Dean Ron Howard of Mississippi College for their welcome and hospitality and to Section Chair John Travis for this excellent meeting.


Be it resolved that we express appreciation to the Department of Mathematics at Mississippi College as well as the support staff for the excellent job of hosting the annual meeting, with special thanks extended to Xavier Retnam and Jo Anne Brooks of Blue Mountain College, Debbie Woodall, Brock Ratcliff, Tommy Leavelle, Charlotte and John McMath, Teresa Floyd, Minnie Porch, Melinda Gann and the Mississippi College Student Workers.


Be it resolved that we express our appreciation to Ann Watkins for demolition of those “enticing examples” from elementary statistics, and to John Hornsby for taking us to the movies.


Be it resolved that we appreciate the students for their presentations and their participation in the team competition and to the faculty members who contributed papers for our enlightenment.


Be it resolved that we express appreciation to the panel discussion moderators, Seth Oppenheimer, Kathleen Lopez, Jane Wenstrom and Connie Campbell, to John McMath for the special exhibit, to Michael Pearson and Dick Anderson as MAA representatives and to the publishing company representatives for their exhibits.


Be it resolved that we express our appreciation to all of the LA-MS committees for their participation in ensuring the success of this meeting, and finally we express our appreciation to the members of the LA-MS section of the MAA (the best section of MAA) for their participation in this meeting and their continued support of the section.


Respectfully submitted by Resolutions Committee,


Grace Cascio-Houston, Chair