Spring 2002

Volume 24, No. 3
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Reports from the Section Meeting:

Member News

2002 Meeting Minutes

Committee Chairman : Clifton Wingard, Delta State University

Members Present : Clifton Wingard, Melinda Gann, Brian Heck, Shaochen Yang

Members Absent : Tilak de Alwis, Stan Chadick

Also Present: Connie Campbell, Section Governor

The committee met on March 1 and began by discussing concerns of the committee members. Items discussed were:
  1. Concern was expressed over the low and in some cases declining number of mathematics majors in our institutions and also the retention of students in the major. The committee encourages departments to increase their efforts to recruit students into the mathematics programs and study means by which to meet the students' needs in order to retain these students as mathematics majors.
  2. Increasing numbers of students who are under prepared for college level mathematics are being graduated from high schools. The committee encourages institutions to increase their efforts in educating preservice teachers at all levels as well as in providing continuing educational experiences for in-service teachers at all levels.
  3. The committee noted the importance of assessment at the department level and encourages all mathematics departments to increase efforts in assessing all aspects of their programs.

Because of some existing committee members who were appointed recently have left the section prior to rotating off the committee and others having been named to fill the vacated positions, the committee decided the length of the term of the current committee members to achieve the correct rotational balance.
The years in which the terms expire for the committee members are as follows:

2002 - Shaochen Yang, Tilak de Alwis
2003 - Clifton Wingard, Stan Chadick
2004 - Melinda Gann , Brian Heck  

The committee agreed that Clifton Wingard would continue to chair the committee for the March 2002 - March 2003 term, and he accepted the position.


Member News

Mississippi University for Women

Submitted by Shaochen Yang,

Geometry Camp

With funding from a NASA Space Grant, MUW held a Geometry Camp last

June.Students spent their time at the week-long residential camp

learning about Geometer's Sketchpad, Euclid, constructions, and doing

other hands-on activities with origami and graphing calculators.

Math Camp 2002

With no set theme this year, Math Camp 2002 will be an eclectic blend of the mathematics that we find fascinating. Enrollment will be open to all students finishing 5th grade and above. The camp will be June 2-June 7, and will cost $350, which includes

all meals and housing costs. Contact Bonnie Oppenheimer at 662-329-7239

( for registration forms.