Fall 1998/Winter 1999

Volume 21, No. 1


Dates for the Spring 1999 LA-MS Section meeting are March 5-6, 1999 at the Ramada Inn Southwest, 1525 Ellis Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi.   Jackson State University will be the hosting institution.  Information regarding the meeting is available on our section web site or contact Bessie Tucker at (601) 968-2161 or


Several contributed paper sessions will be held in conjunction with the section meeting in Jackson on March 5-6.  For any faculty interested in presenting a talk, send your name, school, and title of talk to any member of the Contributed Papers Committee.  If possible, include a short abstract (50 words or less) for possible inclusion in the program.
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Deadline:  February 15, 1999


The Seventh Student Team Competition will be held on Friday, March 5, 1999 from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Each school is invited to enter one or two teams. Please encourage your students to attend the meeting and to participate in this competition. A team must have a faculty sponsor and shall consist of at most 4 students. Team members must be undergraduate students and must be currently enrolled at the institution they represent.

An application form for this competition will be included in the registration information which will be mailed to department chairs in January. If more information is needed, or if a faculty member is interested in assisting in judging the competition (including submitting problems and grading), please contact Darren Wick at Millsaps College.

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Deadline:  February 15, 1999


The LA-MS Section of the MAA will hold its annual Student Paper Competition on March 5, 1999, at the section meeting in Jackson, MS. Papers are solicited in two categories; graduate and undergraduate. The graduate category is limited to master's students.  Interested Ph.D. students are encouraged to submit for the contributed paper sessions listed above.  Presentations at the meeting will be limited to 12 minutes.

A written paper of 6 pages or less must be received and include the author's name, institutional affiliation and faculty advisor. If available, an e-mail address should also be provided. Late entries will not be considered. Contact committee chair Gary Walls at USM for more details.

Prizes will be awarded in each category separately, with no more than 3 prizes in each. The number of prizes awarded shall be at the discretion of the judges, and shall be determined depending on the number and quality of the entries in each category. The amount of the prizes shall be as follows: first prize, $75.00, second, $50.00, and third, $25.00.
Each entry will be judged on the basis of both the written and oral presentation, with equal consideration given to both.
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Deadline:  February 15, 1999


At our website

Minutes from Spring 1998 meeting

(from collected notes from several meeting attendees)

The Governor's Column

Stan Chadick
Department of Mathematics
Northwestern State University of LA
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71497

My first duty as Governor of the LA-MS Section of the MAA was attending and participating in the MAA summer meeting in Toronto. Toronto is a wonderful city and the trip was fun and exciting. The Governors from the various sections met on Tuesday before most presentations began on Wednesday. This is an all-day meeting with topics including honoring outstanding work by members of the MAA, budget discussions, and decisions on locations of future meetings.

A considerable amount of time was spent at the Toronto meeting deciding if, in fact, we would have a summer meeting in the year 2000, and, if so, what location would be chosen. It seems that the International Conference on Mathematics Education is to be held at the same time in Japan. Even though the number of our members participating in ICME is small, the message sent of a competing meeting of the MAA troubled many Governors. The decision was to have the meeting in conjunction with the AMS meeting in California. Actual location will be determined later.

Charles Alexander, former Governor of the LA-MS section is being honored by the MAA with the Certificate of Meritorious Service. The award is given for service to the MAA at the national level or service to the Section. Congratulations to Charles for a well-deserved honor.

If anyone has a concern to bring to the January meeting in San Antonio please contact me at or (318) 357-4308. It is a great honor for me to serve this Section as the Governor. If you have suggestions how I might better serve in this position, please contact me.

The Louisiana/Mississippi Chair Column

Bessie L. Tucker
Department of Mathematics
Jackson State University
Jackson, Mississippi  39217

The Department of Mathematics at Jackson State University is looking forward to hosting the LA/MS Section of the MAA meeting, March 5-6, 1999.  The meeting will be held at the Ramada Southwest Hotel due to renovation of buildings at the University.  You may check into the hotel on Thursday, March 4, 1999, after 6:00pm.  Please plan to attend.



Carl Libis has been hired as an Assistant Professor in Mathematics and will serve as chairman at Rust College in Holly Springs, MS starting Fall 1998.  He graduated August 15, 1998 with a Ph.D. degree from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, in pure mathematics (finishing in 1 year and 2 summers.)  Dr. Libis' dissertation in the area of combinatorics/number theory was entitled "Sums of Powers and Generalizations of Bernoulli and Related Polynomials." In 1996-1997 Carl was an Assistant Professor at the University of West Alabama and gave a talk at the 1997 regional meeting at Millsaps College. Also, in 1995-1996 Carl was a lecturer at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Connie Campbell, department head at Millsaps College in Jackson, has been granted tenure.

John Travis, of Mississippi College has been awarded tenure.

James Potts has retired after teaching 31 years at Delta State University.

Joseph Furtsch recently received his undergraduate degree and is now pursuing the MS and PhD at Tulane.  He currently is serving as a TA.

Darren Wick of Millsaps College was awarded an Associated Colleges of the South-Mellon Technology Fellowship in the spring of 1998. For more information on these awards, see

Teresa Floyd, of Mississippi College has been named Outstanding Mathematics Teacher by MCTM.  Dr. Floyd is also spending the spring semester as one of two resident faculty members for the MC London Program.

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News from the University of Southwestern Louisiana:

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News from the University of Southern Mississippi

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  • Jeffrey L. Stuart was promoted to full professor effective fall 1998.
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    The registration form for the section meeting and additional hotel information was also included in the newsletter.