Fall 2002

Volume 25, Number 1

New appointments:
  • Barbara Gonzalez, Sophia Jang, Kathleen Lopez, and Hongtao Yang have been appointed as assistant professors. Doug Larmour is a visiting assistant professor. Donna Fatheree has replaced Darren Alcock as Director of Freshman Math.
  • Karen Aguillard, Catherine McKay, Melissa Myers, and Sharolyn Underwood have been appointed as instructors. Jose' Chong, Phyllis Desormeaux, and Thomas Peltier are temporary instructors.
  • Patricia Beaulieu has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Bradd Clark has been named Dean of the College of Sciences.
  • Margaret Blumberg and Peter Dickinson have retired.
  • Darren Alcock and Qin Sheng have resigned.
New Department Name
  • The departments of Computer Science and Mathematics have been combined into the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Paul Sisson is the chair of this Department.
 New Appointments
  • Wanda K. Moseley has joined the Math Faculty at LSU-S as an Instructor starting Fall 2002. She had been teaching as an Adjunct at LSU-S  since 1999. Prior to this she had been teaching at BPCC since 1996.
  • Dr. Carlos C. Spaht II  is on sabbatical for Fall 2002. He will be back at LSU-S for the Spring 2003.
  • The department has funding from several external grants. One grant funded by LaSIP with PIs Rebecca Muller and Lou Schultz is "Networking to Advance Mathematics Education".
New Appointments:
  • Dr. Chris Devillier received his Ph.D. from ULL in 2000, and comes to us from LSU Eunice. His area of expertise is Algebraic Systems and Functional Equations.
  • Dr. William Vautaw received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2002. His area of expertise is Surface Mapping Class Groups.
  • Dr. Tilak deAlwis was awarded the first endowed professorship in the Department of Mathematics in the Fall of  2002. The Kennely-Voss Professorship carries a two year term, and allows the awardee to conduct research which emphasizes the use of technology.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Gray and Dr. Edgar Reyes were promoted to the rank of Full Professor effective Fall 2002.
  • Tommy Leavelle was chosen as the Student Government Association's Professor of the Year for 2001-2002.  Tommy Leavelle was also chosen as a resident London Professor during the spring 2002 semester. Teresa Floyd has been chosen to be the senior resident London Professor for spring of 2004.
New Appointments: 
  • Steve O'Neal is a new instructor of Computer Science who is completing his Ph.D. at Louisiana State.
  • Tom Bennet, Teresa Floyd and Glenn Wiggins were promoted from Associate Professor to Professor. 
  • Tom Bennet was also granted tenure.