Call for Papers
Annual Spring Meeting


Several contributed paper sessions will be held in conjunction with the Spring section meeting.  For any faculty or doctoral student interested in presenting a talk, send your name, school, title of talk and a short abstract (50 words or less) to the Program Chair.  Abstracts may be submitted electronically as an email attachment in Word or PDF format.

Contributed talks will be 15 minutes. Each room will be equipped with a computer with projector., We can also provide an overhead/transparency projector. Please include any requests for these or other additional equipment with your abstract submission.



The LA-MS Section of the MAA will hold its annual Student Paper Competition at the Spring section meeting. Papers are solicited in two categories; graduate and undergraduate. The graduate category is limited to master's students.  Ph.D. students are encouraged to submit for the contributed paper sessions listed above.  Presentations at the meeting will be limited to 12 minutes.

A written paper of 6 pages or less must be received and include the author's name, institutional affiliation, faculty advisor and an e-mail address. Late entries will not be considered. Contact the Student Papers Committee Chair or the Rules for Student Papers for more details.

Prizes will be awarded in each category separately, with no more than 3 prizes in each. The number of prizes awarded shall be at the discretion of the judges, and shall be determined depending on the number and quality of the entries in each category. The amount of the prizes shall be as follows: first prize, $75.00, second, $50.00, and third, $25.00.

Each entry will be judged on the basis of both the written and oral presentation, with equal consideration given to both.