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2017 Spring Meeting:

  • Date: February 16-18, 2017
    • Online Registration
    • Program | Part 2- NOW AVAILABLE!
    • Thursday night registration will be located in Olin Hall of Science Lobby. This is right outside of Olin 100 which is the room we will use for the integration bee and movie.
    • Friday morning (and afternoon) registration will be held in Sullivan Harrell 307. This room is on the third floor of Sullivan Harrell Hall (the math building). Sullivan Harrell is also the building we will be using for Project Next and all contributed talks.
    • The opening session will begin at 1:30p.m. on Friday in the Academic Recital Hall
  • Sponsoring University:  Millsaps, Jackson, Mississippi
    • Campus Map
    • Please enter campus at the Riverside Drive entrance and continue on to the North Security Gate. Inform the security guard that you are attending the conference, and they will admit you to the parking areas. Please park in either of the two lots on your left or continue on around to the upper lot.
  • Contact: Leslie Horton
    Dept. of Mathematics
    Box 150086
    Millsaps College
    Jackson, MS 39210

  • Registration and Events
    • Hotel information
    • Meeting Registration (use link above)
    • Program Schedule
      • MAA Representative and Student Luncheon Speaker: Doug Ensley, Deputy Executive Director MAA - "Invariants Under Group Actions to Amaze Your Friends!"
        • By understanding invariant properties of a group action (a.k.a., shuffling) on a deck of cards, a magician can find order where the spectator believes he or she has created disorder, often resulting in a surprising, perhaps even magical effect. This presentation will highlight some specific card tricks that illustrate the mathematical ideas of permutations and invariance
      • Opening Talk/Polya Lecture: Erica Flapan, Pomona College - Intrinsic Properties of Graphs Embedded in R3
      • Anderson Lecturer: Ed Burger, Southwestern University - "Effective Thinking and Creative Puzzle-Solving"
        • Here's a Puzzle: How can we joyfully and impactfully engage our students to thrive in their math courses? How can we inspire our students to see the beauty and power of mathematical thinking? Here we will offer some practical strategies of thinking that will allow our students to not only make greater meaning of mathematics, but use those mindful practices beyond their math classes and for the rest of their lives. We will illustrate these strategies of effective thinking through some illustrative puzzles.
      • Anderson Dinner information -
        • $20 for faculty
        • $15 for students
      • Deadlines for all activities and events
      • Contributed Papers - Send abstracts to the Program Chair
      • Student Papers
      • Integration Bee
      • Student Team Competition:
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2018 Spring Meeting

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