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2014 Spring Meeting:

  • Date: March 6 - 8, 2014
  • Sponsoring University:  Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
    • Campus Map:.
    • Parking:
      • There is plenty of free parking at the Alumni Center and Hotel. There is essentially no parking on campus elsewhere until Saturday. Indeed, driving through campus is also prohibited during the day on Thursday and Friday. I recommend parking at the hotel and walking anywhere else on campus. There is a nice walking path that starts behind the hotel and connects you to the central part of the campus. For the Thursday night Integration Bee, that walk is a good 15 minutes. On Thursday night, you can drive through campus and drop students off at the building, but you are not likely to find any parking. There are two parking lots on the outskirts of campus at which you could park that I've marked on the map, but they generally are not much closer than the hotel and Alumni Center.
  • Contact: George Cochran
    • Louisiana State University
    • Department of Mathematics
      303 Lockett Hall
    • Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4918

  • Registration and Events
    • Welcoming Reception -
    • Hotel information
    • Meeting Registration

    • Program Schedule
      • MAA Speaker: MAA President-Elect Francis Su of Harvey Mudd College

        Combinatorial Fixed Point Theorems

        • The Brouwer fixed point theorem and the Borsuk-Ulam theorem are beautiful and well-known theorems of topology that admit combinatorial analogues: Sperner's lemma and Tucker's lemma. In this talk, I will trace recent connections and generalizations of these combinatorial theorems, including applications to the social sciences. Some of this work includes research with undergraduates.
      • Anderson Lecturer: Jesus De Loera of the University of California, Davis

        A 100 years of Helly's Theorem: A crown jewel of combinatorial geometry
        • The classical theorem of Edouard Helly (1913) is a masterpiece of convex geometry. It states that if a family of convex sets in R^n has the property that every n+1 of the sets have a non-empty intersection, then all the convex sets must intersect. This theorem has since found applications in many areas, most particularly the study of solvability of systems of linear inequalities. My lecture will begin explaining the basics of convex geometry (e.g., what is a convex set) and proceed with a selection of lovely applications of Helly's theorem. The last part of my talk will deal with some surprising generalizations, my favorite one is our brand new version when the intersection(s) contain(s) a lattice point. It originated in the 1970's work of Doignon, Bell, and Scarf (arising in Economics theory)
      • Banquet information -
        • $25 for faculty/$20 for students
        • In the Atchafalaya Room of the Student Union.
        • Buffet with chicken and a vegetarian pasta. Plus of course all the usual vegetables and sides
      • Contributed Papers - Send abstracts to the Program Chair
      • Student Papers
      • Integration Bee
      • Student Team Competition:
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      • Distinguished Teaching Award Info

2015 Spring Meeting

  • Tentative Dates:  TBA, 2015
  • Sponsoring University: ???
  • Contact Person:  ???
    • MAA Invited Speaker:
    • Anderson Lecturer:

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