2012 Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Judith Covington

Judith Covington is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Louisiana State University Shreveport. Judith received a B.S. in Mathematics Education from Northwestern State University of Louisiana in 1985 and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Louisiana Lafayette in 1993. She began work at LSUS in the fall semester of 1993.

One of her main roles in the LSUS mathematics department is in educating future teachers. She regularly teaches the mathematics courses required for K-5 teachers and also teaches the Geometry course required for 7-12 grades teachers. In addition to her work in teaching undergraduates, she has an extensive background in providing professional development for in-service teachers. In the 1990’s she worked with the Louisiana Systemic Initiative Program and was Project Director for three years. She has also conducted many in-service workshops for local parishes. Recently she began the North Louisiana Math Teachers’ Circle which is a group of middle school teachers that get together to work on problem solving. This group started during summer 2011 with a four day workshop and conducts six meetings during the academic year. She has been invigorated by the number of teachers that have chosen to participate and is deeply indebted to them for making this such an exciting group to be a part of.

Judith is an Associate Director for Project NExT, a program of the Mathematical Association of American. Project NExT is a program for new and recent PhD’s in the mathematical sciences. Each year approximately 80 new PhD graduates are selected for participation in a workshop prior to the summer meeting of the MAA. Judith was an original Project NExT Fellow in 1994 and became a member of the leadership team in 1996. Since the beginning of Project NExT over 1300 PhD graduates have been part of the program.

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