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Distinguished Teaching Award - LA/MS MAA  

Meritorious Service Award

Every five years, the Louisiana/Mississippi Section may select one person to receive the a Certificate for Meritorious Service. Information on the award and past recipients across the nation can be found on the MAA web site.  

2014 - Stan Chaddick
2009 - Dick Anderson
2004 - Steve Ligh
1999 - Charles Alexander
1994 - Jimmy Soloman
1989 - John L. Tilley
1984 - Paul K. Rees

Distinguished Teaching Award

Each year, the Louisiana/Mississippi Section selects one person to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award. The recipient each year will be entered in the national competition for the following year.

To submitt a name to the committee, check out the criteria and local nomination form. The person chosen by the committee to receive the section's award will submit a more extensive nomination form found on the Distingished Teaching Award page at the National MAA web site.

2014 - Bernd Schroeder
2013 - John Travis
2012 - Judith Covington
2011 - Connie Campbell
2009 - Vic Schneider
2008 - George Cochran
2007 - Galen Turner
2006 - Randy Wills
2005 - Richard DeVault
2004 - James Reid
2003 - Jenna Carpenter
2001 - Kathleen Lopez
2000 - Jeffrey L. Stuart
1999 - Bradd Clark
1997 - Carlos Spaht
1996 - Patricia Jones
1995 - Steve Ligh

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