LA/MS Section - Distinguished Teaching Award Info

Nomination Form

A Section Selection Committee will choose one of the nominees for the Section Award. The award recipient will be honored at the section's annual meeting.  Anyone is entitled to make a nomination, but nominations from chairs or MAA representatives in departments of mathematical sciences are especially solicited. Self-nomination is not permitted.

The MAA urges you to submit a nomination to be considered for the section award if you have someone eligible and qualified in your department. If selected, he or she will be considered for the national award. Even if not selected this year, it is an honor to have been nominated.


In order to be considered eligible for this award, a nominee must satisfy each of the following criteria:

  1. Any nominee must be a college or university teacher assigned at least half-time during the academic year to teaching a mathematical science in a public or private college or university (from two-year college teaching through teaching at the Ph.D. level) in the United States or Canada. Those on approved leave (sabbatical or other ) during the academic year in which theyare nominated qualify if they fulfilled the requirements in the previous year.
  2. Any nominee must have at least 5 years of teaching experience in a mathematical science.
  3. Any nominee must be a member of the Mathematical Association of America.
Nominees will be judged on the following criteria:
  1. Is the nominee widely recognized as extraordinarily successful in teaching? Teaching can be interpreted to be more than classroom teaching. It could also include activities such as preparing students for competitions, attracting students to become majors in a mathematical science or to become Ph.D. candidates, etc.
  2. Has the nominee's teaching effectiveness been well documented?
  3. Has the nominee had an influence in teaching beyond his/her own institution(s)? This can take on many forms such as making a lasting impact on alumni, providing influence on the profession through curricular revisions in college mathematics teaching, making contributions to influential innovative books on the teaching of college mathematics, etc.
  4. Has the nominee fostered curiosity and generated excitement about mathematics in his/her students?
To submit a name to the committee:

In order to be considered, nominations must be submitted on the Nomination Form to the Committee Chair.

For consideration, a complete nomination packet must be received by the Deadline.