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Name and Purpose

1. The name of this Section shall be the Louisiana-Mississippi Section of The Mathematical Association of America, Inc.

2. The purpose of the Louisiana-Mississippi Section shall be to assist in the improvement of education in the mathematical sciences at the collegiate level by carrying out the purposes of the national organization within the territory defined below in Article II, Section I.



1. The membership of the Louisiana-Mississippi Section shall be as follows:

(a) Members of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc., residing in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi

(b) Members of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc., not being resident in the territory of this Section who have become members of this Section in accordance with Article VI of the By-Laws of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc.


Executive Committee

1. The officers of this Section shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair for Mississippi, a Vice-Chair for Louisiana, a Secretary-Treasurer, and a Newsletter Editor.

2. The Section shall have an Internet Coordinator who may also serve as an officer. The Internet coordinator shall be appointed by the Chair, with the approval of the officers, for a term of one year.

3. The Executive Committee of the Section shall consist of the officers of the Section, the Section Governor, and the Immediate Past Chair. The Internet Coordinator shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee except in the case when the Internet Coordinator is also an officer.

4. Each member of the Executive Committee must be a member of this Section.

5. The officers shall be elected at the regular annual meeting of the Section. Terms of office for the Chair and Vice-Chairs shall be one year. Terms for the Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter Editor shall be three years, and terms for these two officers shall not coincide.

6. Terms of officers other than the Secretary-Treasurer shall begin immediately upon the adjournment of the regular annual meeting. The term of the Secretary-Treasurer shall begin on May 1 in the year of the election.

7. A Vice-Chair for Louisiana who is elected in an even-numbered year shall become a nominee for the office of Chair in the following year. A Vice-Chair for Mississippi who is elected in an odd-numbered year shall become a nominee for the office of Chair in the following year.

8. Officers other than the Section Chair shall be eligible to serve two, but not more than two, consecutive terms.

9. Nominations of candidates for Section offices:

(a) shall be submitted by a Location and Nominations Committee appointed by the chair, and

(b) may be submitted by members of the Section immediately prior to the election.

10. The duties of the Section Officers shall be:

(a) The Chair shall preside at each meeting of the Section and of the Executive Committee of the Section and be an ex-officio member of each committee, unless directed otherwise by the membership of the Section at an official Section meeting.

(b) The Vice-Chairs shall be responsible to the Chair in carrying out duties assigned to them by the Chair in the conduct of the Section affairs and one shall act as Chair in the event the Chair is unable to preside.

(c) The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep minutes of official meetings of the Section and meetings of the Executive Committee; shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all monies paid into the Section for any purpose; shall be responsible for the payment of bills of the Section; shall maintain proper and accurate books, accounts, and records of the Section. A report shall be made at the regular annual meeting of the Section.

The Secretary-Treasurer and the Section Chair together may grant authority to the organizers of a regular annual meeting to handle financial matters connected with that meeting. These matters could include the deposit of income and the payment of bills. Such authority may be granted only for a specified time period not to exceed six months.

(d) The Newsletter Editor shall produce a Section Newsletter at least once per year and shall be responsible for the distribution of this Newsletter to all Section members, either by regular mail or electronically. The Newsletter Editor shall also be responsible for producing and distributing an announcement of the regular annual meeting, along with a tentative program, a registration form, and other pertinent information.

(e) The Internet Coordinator shall maintain the Section's web site. This shall be updated at regular intervals so that the information posted is current and accurate. The Internet Coordinator shall also maintain a list serve for the Section members and assist the elected officers with electronic communications.

11. The Executive Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Section between meetings of the Section membership.

12. If a Section office should become vacant, the Executive Committee shall select a replacement from the Section membership to serve in that position until the next regular annual meeting of the Section.  If the term of that office does not expire at the conclusion of that meeting then a person shall be chosen by election at that meeting to fill the remainder of the term.  If a vacancy for Section Governor should occur, the Executive Committee will recommend a member of the Section to the Board of Governors of the national organization for the appointment as a replacement to complete the unexpired term.



1. The Section shall hold one regular annual meeting. The meeting days shall be set by the Executive Committee and shall include a consecutive Friday and Saturday in late February or early March, unless this is not feasible due to holidays or the unavailability of facilities. In that event another weekend in February or March may be designated.

2. The regular annual meeting shall be planned by the Executive Committee.

3. Necessary special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee.

4. The Annual Meeting shall include a Business Session for the purpose of presenting reports of officers and committees, electing new officers, and conducting other Section business. A quorum shall consist of those members present at any such Business Session.


Dues and Use of Assets

1. There shall be no dues for membership in this Section, and the registration fee for the annual Section meeting shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The student registration fee shall be no more than one-third of the regular fee.

2. The assets of the Louisiana-Mississippi Section shall be used exclusively to further the purposes of the Section, and in the event of the dissolution of the section, the remaining assets will be returned to the national organization to be used for any purpose consistent with its purposes.



1. A Location and Nominations Committee shall be appointed annually by the Chair. At the regular annual meeting this committee shall present nominees for all offices which are to be vacated and shall announce the location and dates of the next regular annual meeting.

2. Other committees may be appointed by the Chair as the need arises.



1. These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of the votes cast by the members present at the Business Session of any meeting of the Section. Amendments must be approved by the Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America.

2. Amendments may be proposed by any member of the Section. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee at least thirty days prior to the regular annual meeting. After due consideration of a proposed amendment the Executive Committee may or may not recommend acceptance. The Secretary-Treasurer shall then send a written copy of the proposed amendment and the Executive Committee's recommendation, either by regular mail or electronically, to each Section member at least fifteen days prior to the regular annual meeting. A vote on a proposed amendment shall be taken by written ballot at the regular annual meeting. Members who are unable to attend the regular annual meeting may submit signed absentee ballots by mail to the Chair in advance of the meeting. Votes will be tallied by a Tellers Committee appointed by the section Chair. This committee will include at least one member from each state who has not sponsored the proposed amendment and is not a member of the Executive Committee.

3. A complete revision of this set of By-Laws will be subject to the same procedure as that for amendments.