The Anderson Fund

The Louisiana/Mississippi section of the MAA initiated the Anderson Fund during 2009 by designating $1000 from the general fund toward this special cause. Additional contributions toward the fund were generated through the 2009 section banquet with plans to continue adding to the fund in subsequent years.

In late 2009, James Keisler became the first Individual Founding Member of the Anderson Fund.

Founding Members: (gifts of $1000 or more)
  • Stan and Kathleen Chadick
  • James Keisler
  • John Kenelly
  • Estate of John Harvey
  • Tommy Leavelle
  • John and Ruth Travis
  • Herbert Wathan
  • Kerry Davidson and LaSIP Colleagues
  • Legacy of R.L. Moore Project (Harry Lucas, Jr. and Albert Lewis)
  • Former MAA Presidents
  • Former MAA Vice Presidents, Secretaries,
    and Executive Committee Members
  • Estate of Charmaine Voss Kenelly
  • Jenna Carpenter
  • Leslie Horton
  • Michael and Ellen Pearson

Supporters: (gifts of $100 or more)

Transfers following annual section meetings
  • 2009 Meeting at Mississippi College = $
  • 2010 Meeting at University of Southeastern Louisiana = $
  • 2011 Meeting at the University of Mississippi = $
  • 2012 Meeting at Northwestern State University = $

The goal is for the fund to grow to at least $25000 at which point the monies can be managed by the national MAA office. (As of October 11, 2012, the fund had grown to approximately $22,000.)

Individuals and groups interested in making a gift or becoming a founding member should contact the committee chair. Checks should be send to the committee chair payable to "Anderson Fund - LA/MS MAA" .