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Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series

The Louisiana/Mississippi section of the MAA honors the life and work of Dr. Richard "Dick" Anderson through a lecture series held during the section's annual section meeting every year. The series was inaugurated during the 2009 meeting held at Mississippi College in Clinton with a video on the "Life and Legacy of R. D. Anderson". The first lecture associate with the series was given by Ezra "Bud" Brown during the 2010 meeting at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

Currently, a committee consisting of section officers and a few national members is developing a plan for the future of this fund. All comments are appreciated and should be directed to the committee chair.


Anderson Lecturers:


2017 - Edward Burger, "Effective Thinking and Creative Puzzle-Solving"

2016 - Michael Starbird, "Geometric Gems"

2015 - Jennifer Quinn, "Mathematics to DIE for: The Battle Between Counting and Matching"

2014 - Jesus De Loera, "100 Years of Helly's Theorem" - Program

2013 - Robert Devaney, “The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set” - Program

2012 - Erik Demaine, "Algorithms Meet Art, Puzzles, and Magic" - Program

2011 - Keith Devlin, "First Person Solvers: Mathematics Education in the Video Game Era" - Program

2010 - Ezra "Bud" Brown, "Chocolate Key Cryptography - A Delicious Way to Send Secret Messages"

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