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From the Chair

The Joint Meetings in San Diego were invigorating! Over 6,600 mathematicians from around the world came together to network and share their enjoyment for mathematics. It was full of excitement.

If you did not get to go to the Joint Meetings, I hope our Kentucky Section meeting is on your calendar. It too promises to be an amazing event. Our Chair-Elect, Duk Lee, our colleagues at Transylvania University, especially, Ryan Stuffelbeam and the executive committee, have been working hard to organize an excellent meeting.

This year there are several opportunities to become an officer of our section. We will be electing for the positions of Vice-Chair, Newsletter/Webmaster, and Chair-Elect. Serving on the nominating committee are: Michael Ackerman (Bellarmine), Michael Dobranski, Chair, (MSU), William Harris (Georgetown), Tom Richmond (WKU), and Christine Shannon (Centre). Please send your nominations to Mike Dobranski at or communicate with any of the nominating committee members.

It is important to recognize outstanding teaching. KYMAA offers you the opportunity to nominate your outstanding faculty for the Distinguished Teaching Award for the section. Send your nominations to Robert Hebble at You will find information about the award on our website. Serving on the teaching award committee are: Robin Blankenship (chair) (MSU), Leanne Faulkner (KWC), Lisa Holden (NKU), Carl Lee (UK), and David Shannon (TU).

The 2013 KYMAA program has an array of impressive speakers. What an opportunity! Begin talking to your fellow faculty members and your students and get them excited about participating. Make it a point to encourage folks that have never attended a KYMAA meeting to join us this year. Send your abstract well before the deadline; register early and get your first choice of hotel room. Transylvania University is the place to kick off your Math Awareness Month activities in 2013.

I look forward to seeing you April 5-6 at Transylvania University in Lexington,

Dora Ahmadi at

The Governor's Corner

The MAA Board of Governors met at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in San Diego. The primary issue underlying all of the Board's discussions was the financial future of the MAA. MAA budgets of the past several years have run deficits - usually in the $200,000 range. While this is not an immediate crisis, deficit budgets at this level cannot continue for more than five or so more years. At MathFest a decision was made by the Board of Governors to invest to keep the MAA operating at the present level rather than reduce what the MAA does. Because of that decision, the proposed 2013 budget projects a large deficit - over $600,000. At the JMM the governors revisited and reaffirmed the decision to invest rather than cut back. Our hope is that the new investments will result in increased revenue - some in the very short term.

An important change that should occur in 2013 is that the MAA will bring back in-house customer service which had been outsourced. This will involve additional MAA staff, rehab of some facilities, and improvements to MAA's IT; but bringing customer service in-house is expected to result in a more than $200,000 per year savings. Some of those savings could begin to occur this year.

The IT improvements have been in progress for some time and should result in a website that is more attractive and will provide better member services such as membership renewal. Bringing customer service in-house is possible because of the IT upgrade.

The MAA will attempt to raise development money from non-members (corporations and organizations who value what the MAA does) as well as members. A focus of that attempt will be the 2015 MAA Centennial. To accomplish this goal, the MAA has hired a person to lead the fund raising efforts. The nature of such positions is that there should be a payoff in the short-term.

MAA books are a potential source of increased revenue. The quality of MAA books is recognized as excellent. Approximately 15 to 20 new MAA books are published in a year. New books are a large part of book revenue. (The other good source of book revenue is books that are used as textbooks, but the MAA has few textbooks.) To assist in the "new book" process, the MAA has hired an acquisitions editor to do some of the things that are now done by MAA member-volunteers. The governors hope that this will get books into print sooner. This position is likely not to result in a short-term payoff, however.

The expected 2013 deficit consists of about $250,000 of "baseline deficit" and about $350,000 of investment. The Board of Governors will monitor the results and react as needed to keep the MAA financially sound.

Memberships are, of course, also a source of revenue. At the moment there are over 300 possible membership categories. The Board approved reducing the number of categories to six for 2014: "member", a second "member" category that would include some additional benefits (for additional cost), a category for K - 12 teachers, a category for all full-time students, and a category for departments. There would be no change in department memberships. Not all the details are in place, but the "member" category, for example, is expected to cost $169 (an essentially revenue neutral amount) and include what are essentially the present benefits except that members would then have electronic access to all MAA journals but would have to subscribe separately for print issues (for a price that would essentially be "at cost").

It should be noted that more than 80% of MAA members are 50 years old or older. The MAA is not acquiring younger faculty. This is a situation that sections could help to address. Of the approximately 2200 new members of the MAA this year, 44 are from Kentucky, but 34 of those are NKU students.

The financial situation that the MAA is now facing is not unique to the MAA. Other professional organizations without strong revenue sources are in the same or worse shape. The next several years will be important in determining the MAA's future.

Chris Christensen at

KYMAA Governor

The Annual KYMAA Meeting

Our 2013 KYMAA Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 5 - 6, 2013, at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. This meeting should be outstanding and we strongly encourage you to participate. Perhaps you and/or your students can give a talk, or just come and listen to what your mathematical colleagues from across the state are up to these days.

We are very excited to have the following invited speakers:

Ron Gould (Emory Univ.), Paul Zorn (St. Olaf College). . You do not want to miss these awesome speakers!

Click here for the complete program: 2013 PROGRAM

Click here for abstracts of the talks: 2013 ABSTRACTS

Please note the following important dates for the 2013 KYMAA Annual Meeting:

  • Wednesday, March 13: Deadline for submitting abstracts for talks at the meeting.
  • Monday, March 25 : Publication date of meeting program on this website.
  • Wednesday, March 27: Registration Deadline. You Must register online by this date if you would like to join us for meals at the meeting since the caterer needs a headcount by this date. Payments should also be made by this date, either by PayPal or by regular snail mail (postmarked by March 27). If you have any questions, please email our section treasurer Jeff Heath at
  • April 5 - 6 : A grand celebration of Kentucky mathematics at Transylvania University in Lexington!
  • Hotel Information: Deadlines for KYMAA discount rates vary and there are a limited number of rooms available in three different hotels, so please hurry to make reservations when the information becomes available.

Meeting registration forms can be obtained via the following links:

After registering online, you can pay for your registration and/or banquet fees via PayPal by clicking on the following PayPal link, entering the amount due in the 'Donation amount' box, and submitting your credit card information.

Finally, our schedule of hosts for future section meetings is:

March 28-29, 2014 Murray State University
March/April 2015 Morehead State University

Please contact any officer of KYMAA if you would interested in hosting a future meeting; we're always on the lookout for a good meeting site!

Lodging (click on a link for more information)

Ask for the State Employee, AAA, or AARP Rate when making reservations (if applicable.)

Announcing the KYMAA Meeting Discount at the online the MAA Store

As part of the annual KYMAA meeting the MAA Store is offering 35% off of books purchased at the online MAA Store that can be used by both members and non-members. To get the discount use the code KENTSPR3. This offer is valid from March 31 - April 13, 2013 and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

  • Parking Map: Click for a map → MAP (pdf)

    REGISTRATION will be in Brown Science Center (BSC). Meetings will be in BSC and in the Cowgill Center.

    Meeting Program

    Click here for the complete program: 2013 PROGRAM

    Hey Students!

    I hope your fall term went well. Seniors who are planning to go to graduate school are busy applying to graduate programs - and working hard to finish their undergraduate studies strong! If you will still be an undergraduate in the Fall Semester of 2013, then you should consider participating in a summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates). Check out for more information. Faculty members can help you determine which REUs you would like best, and they can help you apply. Depending on the REU, the application deadline may be any time from the end of January through late March.

    April is Mathematics Awareness Month. This year's theme is "Mathematics of Sustainability". For information concerning activities and to download a poster, check out Encourage your mathematics and computer science clubs to organize activities during the month of April.

    You can also kick off the 2013 Mathematics Awareness Month celebration by organizing a trip to attend the Annual KYMAA Section Meeting, April 5-6, 2013 at Transylvania University. The KYMAA Section Meeting is a great opportunity for students to give a talk to a friendly audience. Twenty-one of the papers presented at the 2010 meeting involved undergraduates. Start thinking about a presentation, discuss it with a professor at your institution and get ready. Here are some ideas: Discuss your team's work in the MCM or ICM. If there is a mathematics or computer science topic you would like to investigate, do the work, then share what you learned at the section meeting. This activity makes your resume more attractive. When you register for the meeting, register for the Friday evening banquet, too. Meals for students will again be at a discounted price. Students who have attended the banquet in the past have truly enjoyed it. Don't miss it!

    I will be writing a newsletter to be included with the registration packet at the section meeting, and I need your help providing highlights of your activities. Please have one of your club members send a brief summary to Your responses are highly appreciated.

    If you have any questions about the information above, please feel free to contact me.

    Ryan Stufflebeam, KYMAA Student Chapters Coordinator

  • The Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) is thrilled to announce our trainings and course offerings for the 2013-2014 school year! Please follow the link for course descriptions and convenient links to help you choose the right training(s) for your needs! KCM Courses

    Come to MathFest this August

    MathFest is the annual national summer meeting of the MAA. This August 1-3 it will be held in Hartford, Connecticut, INSURANCE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! -- DON'T MISS IT!

    Click here for more information: MATHFEST 2013