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2018 KSMAA Meeting

The 2018 KSMAA meeting will be held at the Carlson Center of Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS on April 20-21, 2018.

Dr. Matt Boelkins, chair of the Congress of MAA and Mathematic Professor at Grand Valley State University, will be the keynote speaker.

Calculus 2020


Calculus is one of the great intellectual achievements of humankind, and the subject can reasonably be considered an essential part of a liberal education, particularly in mathematics. At the same time, the study of calculus in the 21st century should be less about acquiring a body of knowledge, and instead be focused on a student experience filled with rich opportunities for problem-solving, communicating, and working hard. Indeed, in an age when Wolfram|Alpha can solve almost any procedural problem in calculus, students of the subject need to build skills that go well beyond basic calculations.
In this talk, we revisit the early years of calculus reform, discuss an overview of our current understanding of both the state of collegiate calculus instruction and the effects of pedagogical choices on student learning, and cast a vision for calculus instruction in the coming decade. In particular, we will consider a 1997 MAA report that followed the first decade of calculus reform, and called for calculus instruction to (a) be valuable to students’ goals, and not a barrier to their success; (b) emphasize direct experience with methods and processes of inquiry; (c) acknowledge that students learn by doing, by applying, by working with peers, and by writing about their work; and (d) involve application, technology, and multiple points of view. From there, we’ll discuss an overview of the results of the MAA’s recent Characteristics of Successful Programs in College Calculus, as well as some major studies regarding student learning outcomes that result from different teaching approaches. Finally, we’ll state some natural goals and actions that apply to both individual instructors and our community at large.

Invited speaker, Dr. Mark Yannotta, Clackamas Community College, will present:

Conventionalizing and Axiomatizing: Mathematical activities that support the transition to more abstract mathematics


The Teaching Abstract Algebra for Understanding (TAAFU) curriculum (Larsen, 2013) is an inquiry-oriented curriculum that has been studied by several researchers at the undergraduate level. The TAAFU curriculum is grounded in the instructional design theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), which places a strong emphasis on two key tenets: 1) mathematics is situated as a dynamic human activity and 2) mathematics must be connected to an experientially-real context. One of the instructional design principles of RME that supports these tenets is called guided reinvention, in which the individual is intended to “invent something that is new to him, but well-known to the guide” (Freudenthal, 1991, p. 48). This talk reports on an enactment of the TAAFU curriculum, in which community college students reinvented the concept of group and were introduced to abstract mathematics through their own activity. One of these activities is conventionalizing, which involves negotiating a set of symbols and representations and establishing procedures for interacting with them. A second activity is descriptive axiomatizing (De Villiers, 1986), which involves formulating and selecting rules in an effort to capture essential properties for a given structure. When enacting the TAAFU curriculum, these activities worked in tandem as students created and refined a list of axioms that described the symmetries of an equilateral triangle.

There will be an Interactive Joint session with Matt and Mark on Saturday with a general theme of communication and transition in mathematics at the 200/300 level.


Meeting registration will be: Credit cards will be accepted via website registration. More information (including a link to the meeting webpage and the call for presentations) will be forthcoming.

2017 KSMAA Meeting

The 2017 KSMAA meeting was held at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS on April 28-29, 2017. Dr. Francis Su, past MAA President, was the invited speaker.

picture of Prof. Francis Su

2016 KSMAA Meeting

The Department of Mathematics at Fort Hays State University hosted the Spring 2016 MAA Kansas section Meeting on Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9.

Invited Speaker was:
Dr. Stephen F. Kennedy, Senior Acquisitions Editor, MAA Books, Carleton College

Dr. Kennedy presented:


A schedule of events for the 2016 KSMAA meeting can be found here.

2015 KSMAA Meeting

The 2015 KSMAA meeting was held at Fort Scott Community College in Ft. Scott, KS on March 27-28, 2015, hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Science. Dr. Jenna Carpenter, 1st Vice President of the MAA and Wayne and Juanita Spinks Professor of Mathematics, Associate Dean of Administration & Strategic Initiatives, and Director of the Office for Women in Science and Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, was the keynote speaker, speaking on "Mentoring Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Mathematics" and "Women in Computing." Dr. Carpenter's webpage can be found at .


Schedule at a Glance

Schedule with Abstracts

2014 KSMAA Meeting

The Department of Mathematics and Economics at Emporia State University hosted the Spring 2014 MAA Kansas sectional Meeting on Friday March 28 and Saturday March 29.

Invited Speakers were:
Dr. Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director of American Statistical Association
Dr. Stephen Kennedy, Carleton College, MAA Senior Acquisitions Editor

More information of the meeting is available on

2013 KSMAA Meeting

The 2013 KSMAA section meeting was Friday (starting at 1 pm) and Saturday, April 19 and 20, 2013 at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. The meeting was joint with the Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska/SE South Dakota Sections. Invited speakers included Rick Gilman of Valparaiso University, Judy Walker of University of Nebraska, and Robert L. Devaney of Boston University. More information can be found at the meeting webpage at

2012 KSMAA Meeting

The 2012 KSMAA section meeting was Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, 2012 at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.
Keynote speaker (Saturday talk): George Andrews, Penn State, former AMS president (2009-2010) and Polya Lecturer (2007-08 and 2008-09)
Invited speaker (Friday evening reception): Estela Gavosto, KU.

2011 KSMAA Meeting

The 2011 section meeting was held on Friday and Saturday, March 4 and 5, 2011 at Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. The invited speaker was MAA Past-President David Bressoud.

More on Past Meetings

For the location of past meetings, along with copies of programs, pictures, and business meeting minutes, visit the KSMAA History page.

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