Operational Plan for Web Master

Bylaws description

There is no mention of this position in the Bylaws.

Time line for tasks

Today is Saturday, 4 December 2021. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 8 October 2021 and the last meeting was on 23 October 2020. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. Items to do about 6 to 8 months before the next meeting [Target date: 8 March 2021]
    1. Create a new row in the table of recent meetings in http://sections.maa.org/iowa/Meetings/Recent/. Additionally, create a new folder for this year. Best method is to simply duplicate the last year's folder and tweak those files as needed.
    2. Modify the index file for the next year's meeting folder (e.g., 2014) that contains the basic meeting information. Add the plenary speaker information, titles, abstracts, and other known information. Fill in whatever else is known, given to you by program chair.
  2. Do the following tasks in preparation for the upcoming meeting [Target date: 8 August 2021]
    1. Update details in the information link at http://sections.maa.org/iowa/Meetings/Recent/ regarding campus information, lodging, abstracts for the main speaker(s), election information, call for papers and so on. Where there are blanks, leave bold, red TBA as placeholders so that everyone knows what remains to be done.
    2. Update the content of who to contact and when to submit proposals for upcoming section. This content is found in /sandbox/iamaaprotected/views/proposal/whoWhenToSend.html which is used to produce http://sections.maa.org/iowa/db/index.php/proposal/create. Edit the whoWhenToSend.html and the changes will be reflected in proposal/create. proposal/create
  3. Shortly after section meeting [Target date: 24 October 2020]
    1. After the election(s) at the section meeting, obtain the names of all newly elected and appointed Executive Committee members, including the institution of the new Vice-Chair Elect. Use this to fill in the information for the next meeting using the URL at the end of this paragraph. This form (link at the end) will make short work of making the Exec. Comm. assignments. Typically, only the newly elected Vice-Chair Elect needs to be added and the location of the next meeting. Likely the dates and speakers are not known at this time, but these can be updated later. Use: meeting/createNext
    2. Review the assignment of the Exec. Committee done during the previous step by using page that results from executing meeting/createNext or use the link at the end of this section. Note any changes that still need to be made and use the next step to edit the assignments. Link: meeting/index
    3. Use the page at the end to update or edit any assignments of the Exec. Committee that were not incorporated during the intial createNext option above. Use: individual/webadmin
    4. For any new Ex. Comm. members elected or appointed at the section meeting, obtain a phone number and photo, if not already at hand. Place new photo(s) on the web site in Images/ExecComm/ and take note of the file names (which will be used in the next step, so perhaps follow the standard naming convention). Add phone number and update person's record using: individual/webadmin
    5. For the photo obtained for the new Ex. Comm. member, add it to the URL at the end. Use this same URL to make any changes in assignments as the chairs cycle through Vice-Chair Elect to Vice Chair to Chair to Past Chair. Double-check that all assignments are accurate. Use: position/webadmin
    6. After the position table is updated, the web site http://sections.maa.org/iowa/People/ExecutiveCommittee.php needs to be updated. The easiest way is to use the tool at the end of this and view the source code and then copy and paste the relevant two tables. tool/execComm
    7. After receiving the sets of minutes (business meeting and executive committee meeting) from the Secretary, post them on the current meetings page (here). Let the chair know that they are posted so that executive minutes can be approved by email. If the minutes are not received in reasonable time after the meeting, inform the chair to request the secretary to deliver them
  4. Month or two AFTER the meeting (after speaker and dates are known) [Target date: 23 December 2020]
    1. Create folder for next year's meeting. Using the ftp client (or by whatever method), make a copy of the current year folder and rename it to the next year. Update the names of any files to reflect current year as well. Then open each file and rename Title tag and any other relevant information so that all pointers are to the new year. Specific instructions follow for each file.
    2. ScheduleAbstract files: remove all content between opening div tag with container id and its closing tag. Do so in both files.
    3. Agenda files: tweak title and header but leave as is as a template for later. In a future step, keep it invisible so that not accessed.
    4. Minutes files: tweak Title and headers and remove basic content to be filled later (though some parts may be kept as template, if useful).
    5. ScheduleChoice: Basically just change the years at each instance to the new year.
    6. indes.php - this is the main information page. Either update manually, commenting out parts that are not yet relevant, or use the computer-generated version using the link at the end. The latter works pretty well for updating names of people and what is known and leaves red TBA's where information needs to go later but it still needs hand tweaking. Use that page, get source code, paste it into this file and then tweak as necessary. It will be useful to look at past years to compare. meeting/info
    7. index.php file in the Recent folder (not the year's folder): Note that the shading alternates between light and dark grey in the table that this file generates, determined by the class for the td tags. Note current year and copy the preceding year's entire row and paste in front of current year. Change year, place, date. If you have changed the index.php file in the year's folder, leave the information link. Otherwise, comment it out until ready (not the td tag but the content within it). Comment out the content for the agendas until they are ready. Also comment out the minutes until ready after the meeting.
  5. On an as-needed basis [Target date: 31 December 1969]
    1. If there is a change in liaisons, update http://sections.maa.org/iowa/People/Liaisons.php by viewing the equivalent database-driven page (given at the end). View the source at this database-driven page, and copy the rows out of it and place them into static page http://sections.maa.org/iowa/People/Liaisons.php and save. institution/liaisons
    2. As there is a change in liaisons or a change in institution information, the information on http://sections.maa.org/iowa/People/Institutions.php needs to be updated. The easiest way to do so is use the page at the end of this description. View it, show the source and then copy the rows of data and paste it into the page at http://sections.maa.org/iowa/People/Institutions.php. This should be an easy task to carry out. institution/institutions