Operational Plan for Treasurer

Bylaws description

According to our section's Bylaws, The Treasurer shall receive all money paid into the Section and deposit such money in a bank to the account of the Section, and pay all bills of the Section out of the Section funds. The Treasurer shall organize a book sale to be held at the annual meeting. The Treasurer shall send the required annual financial report to the national office. This position is considered an Officer and a member of the Executive Committee.

Time line for tasks

Today is Saturday, 4 December 2021. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 8 October 2021 and the last meeting was on 23 October 2020. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. Two-three months early - start planning for Section Meeting [Target date: 8 July 2021]
    1. Contact book representatives to see if they are willing to send materials to us and/or be present. If they attend, their registration fee is $50. Have books sent to the Vice-Chair Elect at the institution hosting the meeting so that you don't have to haul around more things. (We have not had success with this in recent years; we have had only MAA books.)
      1. Rebecca Elmo, MAA Publications, Production and Marketing Assistant, is a must so that we can add to our collection of displays for sale and earn money. (Note: Send her the previous year
      2. Brooks/Cole (optional)
      3. Wiley (optional)
      4. Freeman (optional)
      5. McGraw-Hill (optional)
      6. Prentice Hall (optional)
      7. Addison-Wesley (optional)
    2. Make sure the host institution has a place to display books (often done in conjunction with registration) that can be locked overnight. It also helps to have student helpers for book sales so things don't get too backed up. We sometimes give student workers a free (inexpensive) MAA book if they help substantially, but this is not necessary.
  2. Fall Newsletter [Target date: September]
    1. Give an updated Treasurer's report to the Information Director to include in the fall newsletter; you will also use this at the Business Meeting at the Section Meeting.
  3. In the two weeks before the meeting [Target date: 24 September 2021]
    1. Prepare and make copies of
      1. Receipts for book sales [7 copies]
      2. Extra copies of display book forms or order forms for MAA books (as needed, typically provided by MAA with the book shipment)
    2. Treasurer's Report for Business Meeting will be online from the fall newsletter
    3. Get money for change. Last year: $208 (5--$1, 7--$5, 15--$10, quarters--$10,dimes--$5.00, nickels--$2.00, pennies (2 rolls)--$1.00).
  4. Things to bring to the meeting [Target date: 7 October 2021]
    1. Cash box.
    2. Scissors to cut receipts (unless you use two-sheet carbonless; the Secretary should provide receipts for registration which you can use for official receipts for books as well.)
    3. Info from MAA that gets sent to you for display; we reuse signs year after year
    4. Any other info sent to you from publishers
    5. All the things you made copies of above and prepared to bring
    6. Extra people to help you unload all the books in your car. (Books may have been forwarded to the next meeting site the previous year.)
    7. Pens
    8. Tape
    9. Sturdy paper for directional signs to Registration and Book Sale within building. (Perhaps it would be best to ask the meeting site to make the appropriate signs, if not ask them for instructions.)
    10. All the Treasurer files in years there is an election for this position
  5. At the meeting [Target date: 8 October 2021]
    1. Collect receipts for reimbursement for Competition and host institution
    2. Registration fee is $10 for all non-students (including graduate students) (done in conjunction with Secretary)
    3. Business Meeting: give Treasurer's Report, which is online from fall newsletter
    4. On Saturday afternoon, pack and inventory the books at the conclusion of the meeting and arrange for the transfer of the book collection to the next meeting site. Mark the inventory on a price list and save it for use in ordering books for the next meeting.
  6. Immediately following the Section Meeting [Target date: 26 October 2020]
    1. Deposit money from the meeting into checking account
    2. Send to Rebecca Elmo, MAA Publications, Production and Marketing Assistant, the Book Display Forms and the Book Order Forms with a check for the total amount sold (by cash/check) at the meeting. Note that credit card sales are not included in the cash drawer total or the check to the MAA, they are simply forwarded to Ms. Elmo. Ms. Elmo can also provide a spreadsheet for the book inventory which allows the inventory list to be sent by email when books are ordered next year.
    3. Reimburse appropriate institutions/people
      1. Institution hosting the meeting
      2. Section meeting supplies (ballots, registration forms, receipts, nametags, etc)
    4. Update the Treasurer's Report
      1. Number of registrations at the meeting - use the following: registration/registrationCounts
      2. Income from luncheon (if any)
      3. Display and order books sold (income and debit to MAA)
      4. Cost of meeting at the host institution
      5. Section meeting supplies
    5. Do any follow-up tasks from meeting
      1. Contact publishers with requests from faculty
      2. Send thanks to publishers for sending us books
    6. Transfer $200 from the Section account to the Competition account
    7. Earmark any special donations to Competion fund in records
  7. Early January/February [Target date: January]
    1. Prepare MAA financial report for previous year. You will have to download this from the MAA webpage, (http://sections.maa.org/fin-rep.xls or http://sections.maa.org/fin-rep.pdf), these links may expire but look on the maa.org webpage and serch for the sections link. It helps to keep an updated and active version throughout the year. Send to Sharon Tryon (sending a .pdf electronically is OK) at the MAA.
    2. You will also need to contact your bank for an end-of-year statement and send that to Sharon Tryon, MAA.
    3. Pay honorarium for spring Competition exam (Competition director will notify you).
  8. Spring [Target date: March]
    1. Give an updated Treasurer's report to the Information Director to include in the spring newsletter
    2. Deposit money and reimburse for Competition
    3. Wait for money from MAA for books sold (display and ordered) (Feb-Mar.)
    4. Pay $250.00 check to the Section Representative and a separate $250 check to the Section Governor for attending the National MAA meeting. These checks are issued upon request of the meeting attendees.
  9. During the Summer [Target date: June]
    1. Wait for money from MAA for books sold (display and ordered) (The money may come at a different time because of the fall meeting.)
    2. Wait for MAA subvention money
    3. Update Treasurer's Report
    4. Pay $250.00 check to the Section Representative and a separate $250 check to the Section Governor for attending the Mathfest meeting. These checks are issued upon request of the meeting attendees.